Introduction to Inside BlackBerry


Welcome to Inside BlackBerry — the official BlackBerry® smartphone blog.

We might be official, but we certainly aren’t the first BlackBerry smartphone blog. There are already countless bloggers out there who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff everyday.

So why are we doing this?
Because we believe we can make a valuable contribution to the conversation. We do have a slight advantage, after all — smartphones are our life and work.

What will we write about?
We’re a team of smartphone experts, each focused on a particular feature, so we’ll write about what we know best. Sean, for example, will write about all of our social applications. Sanjay will tell us all about instant messaging and Mark is our email expert. Andrey will shed light on everything to do with desktop software. Michael and Riz will help us out with device software, and Annu will talk about handheld hardware. Of course the team will continue to grow as we add more experts. Oh, and I’ll occasionally post as well, but for the most part I’ll remain behind the scenes, coordinating the team.

We also realize that this isn’t a one-way dialogue, so we’ll also write about other things that come up in our conversations with you, because that’s really what this blog is all about — having a conversation.

What won’t we write about?
We might be experts in our individual areas, but we aren’t experts in everything. Not only that, but we actually aren’t privy to most of the hot topics we know you love to speculate on — RIM’s financials, unreleased products, pricing and carrier information. So unfortunately we won’t be commenting on these areas.

What will you do?
You already do more than you know… you talk about smartphones constantly and we listen. What matters to you, matters to us. So when we read a comment or a blog that we feel we can assist on, or help shed some light on, we’ll try and be there. All you need to do is keep doing what you’re doing. But hey, if you also want to add us to your RSS reader, we would be more than thrilled.

 Looking forward to the posts ahead,


About Becky Y.

As RIM's social media strategist, Becky spends much of her day following great online conversations about the BlackBerry® brand (and does some work here and there too). You will hear from her occasionally on Inside BlackBerry, but for the most part she will be behind the scenes, supporting our roster of experts in their blogging activities. Becky anticipates that she will have a lot of "Who Knew?!" moments, and hopes that our readers do too.

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