Sharing Photos from your BlackBerry


A co-worker the other day told me a great story.  His mom had just come back from vacation with what she thought was a great innovation – add zoom functionality to the camera. After explaining that BlackBerry® smartphone cameras do have a zoom, it made us think – what other features don’t people know about the camera?

Probably the biggest one is that you can easily share photos with friends or your online communities. After you’ve taken your photo, you can start sharing it within two clicks.

Here’s how:

After taking your photo, select the “send as” icon on the screen.  If you can’t find it, you can also select “send as” from the menu.  You can find the menu by pressing the menu key – this is the key with the “BB” on it.


Once you have selected the “send as” options, you can select where you want the photo to go.


Most devices have email, Messenger Contact (BlackBerry Messenger) and MMS (also known as picture SMS).  You can also send photos to Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger.

Try sharing photos from your device today by downloading one of the social networking and instant messaging applications.

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I’m the head of Product Management for BBM. I lead a team of incredible product managers that work closely with the development and marketing teams to bring the world’s best mobile social networking experience to users on BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. When I’m not busy with BBM you may find me on the tennis court or exploring KW with my Irish R&W Setter named River (for more on him check out my BBM Channel C0024F014 #Shamelessplug).

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