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One of the most common questions I get asked when I am chatting with my friends and family is, “Where are you?”

If you are using BlackBerry® Messenger, we have a neat way to send your location to your friends. Choose “Send Location” while you are in the conversation screen.*

Sanjay_where are you_1

Your friend will receive a visual description, with a map and a pointer to where you are, in the conversation window of your friend. 

Sanjay_where are you_2

If your friend does not have the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger or BlackBerry Maps installed, they will receive the location information as a URL. If they plug the URL in any desktop internet browser, it will display a map and your location in the browser.

*Note that you and your contact need a device with 4.6 and above with BlackBerry Maps installed to take advantage of this feature.

About Sanjay K.

Senior Product Manager Sanjay is a Senior Product Manager who is responsible for identifying and mobilizing great internet experiences on BlackBerry smartphones. Before being a product manager, Sanjay was a software engineer with stints in optical, data networking, and most recently in the consumer wireless industry.

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