The First 5 Things I do When I Get a New BlackBerry


In the spirit of a recent post by my colleague (“we all love BlackBerry and playing working with new devices”), and for those of you who recently obtained (or plan to obtain) a new BlackBerry® smartphone, here is a quick list of the first five things I do when I get a new device:

1. I check if the device runs the latest software and update it if it doesn’t. Most of the time my new devices come straight from the factory, and there’s always a newer version of software available. In your case, sometimes it may just be that while your brand-spanking new BlackBerry smartphone has been in transit, a newer version of the software became available before it could hit the shelves. Check out the post I recently wrote on how easy it is to update your device software, or simply visit for an easy way to get your BlackBerry updated.

2. I run the setup wizard. It’s a great way to remove unnecessary languages (which can save a ton of space) and set up my email.

3. Get my personal information (contacts, calendars, settings) on the new device. This can be done in one of three ways:
• Switch device wizard (this can also take care of #1 above) and activation on my corporate network
• Restore from a backup file
• Serial sync with Outlook (or any other of our supported organizers) using Desktop Software.

The method I choose depends solely on whether the new BlackBerry will be my primary one, and how adventurous I am feeling at the moment. :)

4.  Sync my music! With new handhelds like BlackBerry® Storm™ and BlackBerry® Bold™ having 1GB of embedded memory, I’d be the last one to let it go to waste. Since its launch back in the summer of 2008, BlackBerry® Media Sync has been a hit, and it has done a great job of getting my new BlackBerry and tunes in sync.

5. Play the first game of…

Can you guess? ;)

About Andrey F.

Andrey started with Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 as an intern, and recently joined the handheld software product management team in 2008. Andrey's focus is on the overall direction for desktop software. He spends most of his time identifying customer needs and working with various development teams to come up with new and exciting ways to extend the magic of the BlackBerry® experience to the desktop. Andrey hopes this blog will allow him to share his passion and knowledge about BlackBerry with readers.

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