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Being a product manager means a fair amount of travel, and everything that comes with it – lots of time spent in planes and taxis.  I’ve always relied on music to get me through a trip.

I used to have to carry a couple of devices while traveling – my cell phone and then an mp3 player to play my tunes. Now I just carry one device – my BlackBerry® smartphone – which allows me to listen to my music and carry out my work-related tasks. Using BlackBerry® Media Sync made my life a lot easier too, because it makes it extremely simple to transfer your music onto the smartphone.

The neat thing about BlackBerry Media Sync is that I can use either iTunes® or Windows Media Player to create my playlists and then transfer them using Media Sync. No need to install another media management application on my PC. And Mac users don’t need to feel left out as there is a version for them too! 


I am a pretty big user of playlists. Occasionally, I’ll listen to an entire album (if it’s a new one) but generally it’s an aggregation of tracks from a few albums into one playlist. Media Sync also imports album art, so it’s nice to see the graphic on that snazzy screen while listening to music or while browsing through my collection.

I like the fact that I can reserve space in memory to keep free and fill the rest of it with random music. It also means that I might have a surprise in store for me occasionally by getting Indian classical music along with some ‘classic rock’ on my device.

How do you organize and listen to your music? Post a comment and let us know!

About Vikram K.

Product Manager Vikram joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 after working in the Web, browser and computer-networking worlds as a product manager and a software developer. He spends most of his time nowadays working on RIM’s multimedia products. He is a huge sports fan and loves being able to check on his cricket and football scores anywhere, anytime thanks to his BlackBerry smartphone.

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