BlackBerry App World: everything you wanted to know and weren’t afraid to ask (Part One)



It’s time once again for more BlackBerry App World™ goodness! My goal today is to answer a variety of BlackBerry App World-related questions submitted by you, the readers, as well as a few gleaned from the MyBlackBerry community. In future posts we’ll walk through BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry App World web store features to maximize your app searching experience. Let’s get started!

Note: Comment error has now been fixed on this post. Get commenting! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Help! BlackBerry App World does (insert issue here) when I (insert action here). I have a (insert BlackBerry smartphone here).

While I’ll be answering a few questions of this nature today, I wanted to take the time to promote our Inside BlackBerry sister blog, Community Post. Community Post is the dedicated support blog of Research In Motion (RIM), and the go-to destination for your BlackBerry smartphone-related issues. Check it out! They’re very helpful and did not bribe me with lunch to say that.

How do apps get in the Top 25?

The “Top 25” is based on downloads in a twenty four hour period. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the user rating system to help make sure that great applications get the recognition (and downloads) they deserve. Speaking of the “Top 25″…

Why is BlackBerry App World in the Top 25 Free Apps?

“BlackBerry App World” is actually a listed application in BlackBerry App World – that’s how we can send you a notification when there’s a new version of BlackBerry App World available. Because a large percentage of users consistently download BlackBerry App World updates, the app often places quite high in the “Top 25”.

Based on user feedback, BlackBerry App World will be blocked from appearing in the “Top 25” in an upcoming release.


Help! I switched BlackBerry smartphones and now I have no apps.

Yes you do, you just need to log in!  Launch BlackBerry App World and go to “My World”.  Within the menu, select “Log In” and enter the PayPal credentials (email and password) you used to buy your apps.

BlackBerry App World will quickly verify your account and then you’ll see the apps you previously purchased.  You can then download and install them and be back to using great applications on your BlackBerry smartphone!

Every time I upgrade, I have to read through the EULA and it is LONG. I’m talking Homer’s “Odyssey” long.

Yes, it is long – but selling applications is a complicated business and the End-User License Agreement (EULA) contains important information for you to read. For anyone who says “hey, no one ever reads the EULA” – cast your eyes on this tweet:


People do read the EULAs and they tweet about it. Coolness!

“What does everyone think about BlackBerry App World? I know there are still some flaws with it, but I really think that RIM is moving in the right direction, but they really need to bring the amount of memory it requires down……it’s obnoxious!” From MyBlackBerry

We’re always working on making our apps better and we’re definitely working on making BlackBerry App World smaller and faster.  Stay tuned to Inside BlackBerry for future announcements!

Anyone looking to free up memory on their BlackBerry smartphone can read my previous post regarding archiving apps using BlackBerry App World. Archiving: all the cool kids are doing it!


“Has anyone seen the BlackBerry App World standee from the 3rd floor?” Various RIM interns.

Yes. Yes, I have.

“So my phone has the little icon/alert at the top that says I have three new updates in my BlackBerry App World application, but I already did the updates this morning. When I go into the application there are no new updates, but the alert/icon won’t go away! I’ve restarted my phone by removing the battery. Please help!” From MyBlackBerry

We identified a problem with BlackBerry App World notifications and it has been fixed and available today in BlackBerry App World

Please post a comment below with more BlackBerry App World related questions or your favorite BlackBerry application!

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