BlackBerry App World Available in South Africa



The second most important announcement for South Africa after FIFA World Cup 2010

In the rest of the world (outside Canada and the U.S.), soccer seems to be an incredibly popular sport. As a North American, I don’t understand any game played without a large amount of protective gear and cheerleaders, so you’ll have to excuse me for my ignorance. David Beckham? He plays soccer, right? He’s married to Posh Spice. That’s about all I know.

ANYWAY – South Africa is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2010 in 9 host cities, and one great way to keep track of how your team is doing is by using ScoreMobile – available today in BlackBerry App World™!

“But Alex, BlackBerry App World isn’t available in South Africa.” SURPRISE – it is available now! Visit today to download BlackBerry App World to your BlackBerry smartphone.

We’re really happy to announce another launch and we’ll continue to bring BlackBerry App World to every country where BlackBerry smartphones are available.

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