BlackBerry App World: Everything you wanted to know and weren’t afraid to ask (Part Two)



The Inside BlackBerry commenting system suffered through an error over the weekend, making it impossible for our dear readers to submit new questions in response to part one of my Everything you wanted to know about BlackBerry App World™ post. Thankfully, I was able to “surf the Internet” and find some BlackBerry App World questions that need answering. Thank you, Internet!

I’ve read lots of questions from BlackBerry® smartphone users about when BlackBerry App World will be available in their countries.

I can’t give out dates or country names, but I can tell you that BlackBerry App World will definitely continue to launch in new regions – keep posted for more news here (maybe even this month!)  If I told you the countries, the PR team would be very angry with me.  :)

However, I CAN tell you that just this week BlackBerry App World launched in Singapore and Indonesia, so BlackBerry smartphone users from those countries can download BlackBerry App World right away!

Some people were interested in hearing in hearing about great ways to stay up to date on new apps in BlackBerry App World.

Besides subscribing to the BlackBerry App World RSS feed to stay up to date on recently added applications, the BlackBerry App World web store features a “What’s New” section to keep users informed. Make sure to check it out!

“Why won’t BlackBerry App World work with my leaked OS?”

While I appreciate the power user’s need to have the latest and greatest, you are using something that has not been publically released or fully tested, and of course has not been approved for use.  You should only use the latest released OS for your BlackBerry smartphone – available from your carrier or at – and we think you’ll find that everything will run smoothly on finalized (read: public) product.

Many citizens of the Internet liked my wallpaper of the “Bucket of Truth”.

Leave a comment below if you know where the “Bucket of Truth” reference is from! If you don’t know, post a comment about other types of buckets you like.

The comment system has been fixed, so please go ahead and post more questions. We’ll make sure to answer them in future posts!

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