BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 – Now With Photo Sync!



Over the last few months our team has been working feverishly on adding photo sync functionality to BlackBerry® Media Sync.  With the release of BlackBerry Media Sync v3.0 at 12pm EST today, not only can you easily sync your music playlists, but you can now easily get photos to and from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Click the link below to learn more about BlackBerry Media Sync v3.0.

You can still sync your iTunes® & Windows Media® Player music library in BlackBerry Media Sync v3.0.  I have a huge digital collection of music and use BlackBerry Media Sync to sync them seamlessly to my smartphone.  I use my BlackBerry smartphone as my primary portable music device because it’s always with me and it’s easy to enjoy my playlists during downtime.


What’s new: Photo Sync

We’ve changed the layout of BlackBerry Media Sync from the previous version. There are now tabs for accessing Music and Photo functionality. There is a preview pane that allows for viewing the contents of a playlist, as well as the pictures to be synced.

Although music sync is available for both PC & Mac computers, photo sync is currently only available for the PC.

BlackBerry Smartphone to PC Import

I like having a collection of all my pictures stored on my home PC. The BlackBerry smartphone to PC Import functionality allows me to copy all the photos I’ve taken with my BlackBerry smartphone to my PC. Every time I connect via USB, BlackBerry Media Sync lets me know if there are new pictures to import so that I always keep my collection up to date. It’s a nice way to backup my device pictures and a handy option for those who like to carry out photo editing on their PC.


This is my favorite feature in BlackBerry Media Sync! It allows me to sync my photo collection from my PC to my BlackBerry smartphone. Most of us have been in a situation where we are giving an account of a recent trip or some huge milestone like our baby’s first steps… but have to end it with the line ‘You should see the pictures that I have at home.’

I recently visited the African Lion Safari in Southwestern Ontario (I love animals). In my humble opinion, this place is a hidden gem and a must visit if you’re in the area. While there, I was merely feet away from lions, cheetahs and a rhino and I got some really excellent close-up pics on my digital camera. With BlackBerry Media Sync, I was able to put my entire photo collection on my BlackBerry smartphone.

The best part about this feature is that picture file sizes are compressed so that they can be viewed optimally on the BlackBerry smartphone. Some pictures are reduced to about 2% of their original size! I have an 8GB card; with this optimization feature I can store a huge amount of pictures. The compression feature is the default option. However if you prefer to have the raw images transferred, you can always change the setting in the Options menu.


Now that I have some of my favorite edited snapshots on my smartphone – I use these to frequently update and personalize my BlackBerry smartphone background screen.

Post a comment below and let us know how you’re using the new photo sync functionality – or if you are just discovering the music functionality for the first time. To download BlackBerry Media Sync v3.0, go to:

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About Vikram K.

Product Manager Vikram joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 after working in the Web, browser and computer-networking worlds as a product manager and a software developer. He spends most of his time nowadays working on RIM’s multimedia products. He is a huge sports fan and loves being able to check on his cricket and football scores anywhere, anytime thanks to his BlackBerry smartphone.

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  • Alex K.

    I know i’m biased because I work at RIM – but Media Sync 3.0 rocks!!

  • Alex K.

    I know i’m biased because I work at RIM – but Media Sync 3.0 rocks!!

  • Keely

    Do you have to have a Media Card to transfer data from your computer to your phone?

  • JeninCarolina

    Oh, I was so hopeful that this latest version of BlackBerry Manager this would be my salvation, but nooooo…. Why is it so difficult to make this work for Mac??

    If you are like me, and are extremely frustrated as you import pictures to your Mac using Bluetooth (one by one, no less–what a drag), try the following:

    From the Home screen of your BlackBerry, choose Options –> Memory

    From there, set the following options:
    1) Media Card Support – On
    2) Mass Storage Mode Support – On
    3) Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected – Yes

    To import your pics or videos directly into iPhoto, do this:
    Ensure you BlackBerry is plugged into your Mac via USB
    Open iPhoto and choose File –>Import to Library
    Select your BlackBerry as the device you wish to import from (on the left pane).
    Click on the Pictures folder and select the photos you wish to import.

    It's that simple! Previously, I was importing them one by one using Bluetooth and then adding them to iPhoto using Finder–ugg! This is MUCH easier!


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  • Dina


  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    Currently this functionality is not supported on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. You can transfer files using the following knowledge base article.


    Thank you

  • christall

    Is there any way for me to up0pload my photos to a Mac computer other than individually by blue tooth?

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    Check out How to transfer files between a BlackBerry smartphone and a Macintosh computer.


    Thank you

  • Sarah

    What if Blackberry doesn't appear on the left panel?

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    Can you please clarify what you are referring to? Thank you.

  • Melissalucinda42

    OMG thank you so much! this really helped. I was really frustrated before. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Melissalucinda42

    OMG thank you so much! this really helped. I was really frustrated before. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂

  • kovaking

    Thank God, I came across your post! I was going insane trying to figure this out. THANKS!

  • Pippab

    Thank you so much for this – what a help. I do seem to have lost some 'voice recorder' note but hey1 I've got the photos! Thanks!

  • dave

    Great Job Jen – that was soooo easy!

  • Suns

    Thanks for the very fast reply! I'm using labels so I can find whatever I need quite fast. Still, folders are a much better idea.

  • portable gps

    Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!

  • Wholesaler

    The article you have is full of detail about Black Berry’s new Photo Sync 3.0 information, picture you attached also clear about this new thing, it is another well software to sync photos, the interface is looking so user friendly but more than that it is like windows interface. The great thing is that it can be compress and store more pictures.

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