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douglas_faceWelcome to the new and most definitely improved version of the Inside BlackBerry blog! We’ve had our team of elves working quite hard in the past few weeks, and we’re extremely excited to bring you this digital present just in time for the holidays.

The Inside BlackBerry blog team is still committed to bringing you authoritative content about BlackBerry® smartphones directly from the people who make them. We hope that this new version of Inside BlackBerry will not only provide that content, but help us to better connect with our community of BlackBerry® smartphone owners: you!

So please do us a favor and check out the site! Kick the tires a little, and post a comment telling us what you think (yes, commenting is now fixed). We have more on the way, but would really like to hear about what you want, need, and like.


Douglas Soltys,
Editor In Chief
Inside BlackBerry

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  • Caspan

    As usual if it's RIM, I like it! I really need to make that bumper sticker!

  • http://twitter.com/tron Douglas Tr0n Soltys

    Thanks Caspan! We appreciate the support!

  • http://twitter.com/SimonSage Simon Sage

    Woo, commenting!

  • LaBlackBerry

    Keep on working, you are doing great lately!! Commenting

  • kurrupt_1

    Where are the leaks…….lol

  • http://twitter.com/W4LNUT W4LNUT

    I like, I like!

  • http://twitter.com/bbworldinfo bbworldinfo

    Look so cool!!

  • savocado

    hope you won't forget about curve 83xx users!

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  • http://twitter.com/Videos4BB Bla1ze

    Awesome! Love the new format much, much better.

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  • http://www.berryreporter.com/ Justin

    Very impressed with the new look guys. The Disqus comments should make a huge difference.

  • Lector anónimo

    Ok. But why Partial RSS Feeds?

  • Canada

    How come RIM can’t update their website whenever there’s a service outage? As of this writing, BBM is still not functioning in most of the world.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, any word on when this North America RIM outage will be fixed? This seems to be a massive outage affecting people across all service networks.

  • duckwurth

    I guess someone “kicked the tires” a bit too hard and took down the entire network – heh?

    Seriously… BlackBerry should be communicating to their users through this blog when there is a global out like there is right now. I mean, it's not like it's not very very obvious to everybody. Just ignoring it and pretending that it ain't so makes BlackBerry look very bad; completely disrespectful of their customers. Give us an ETA or at least tell us what's going on and let us know that you're working diligently to resolve the issue.

    PS. the textarea resizing in Safari on OS X doesn't work on this comment box.

  • john

    any answers on the blackout????


    Agreed they should communicate some how. We have had no blackberry services for approximately 9 hrs. BRUTAL. Local phone company won't take calls on it anymore and has no information besides the network being down. Very, very frustrating!

  • ken

    Is there a problem with blackberry messenger today?

  • Blackberry hater

    I have the Blackberry Storm 2 (had it 3 wks) – I hate it. Internet, email, service had been down 2 times all day. My business depends on email service. My customers email job orders, so when email and web service goes down so does my business. We have several Blackberry phones in our business. I am taking them back to Verizon in the AM. I will not have a service that is not dependable. Also, my phone will not ring – the battery has to be removed almost every two days so it will ring. This is not a good smartphone – not user friendly and certainly not reliable!! Good bye Blackberry!!

  • Outage

    Not to sound like an echo.. but it is completely unacceptable that RIM/Blackberry has NOTHING on their website about a nationwide (and maybe more) outage that is reaches almost ALL blackberry users. A press release is in order, an ETA is order and a very deep apology is in order. If you don't want to lose customers.. this would be an easy way. Communication is key to any relationship, including with your customers.

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