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The Social Media team at Research In Motion can’t get enough of Twitter. As such, we decided that our official RIM Twitter accounts needed some sprucing up with a new background design – a bit of a personal touch to help put a face to our tweets.

But we need your help. We can’t seem to choose between our two different Twitter background designs, so we’re reaching out to help us decide. We’ve placed one of the proposed designs on @BlackBerryBlog, and the other on @BlackBerry. Please post a comment or tweet either account telling us which design you like best. If there’s something you feel should be added to either background, let us know that too.

Please help us out so the Social Media team can focus more on our tweeting.

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  • Helen Anninos

    @BlackBerry is better. I like the crooked pics on the side, as opposed to the straight pics on the @BlackBerryBlog background.

  • donnam13

    the @blackberry one looks better with staggered photos of the people.. the straight version on @blackberryblog looks too commerial/spammish – like the typical SEO marketing spam i get every day. however… you need to add to this! the background is just blank and black.. take this opportunity to add something 'you'… like a blackberry. or a bunch of blackberries – and yes i do mean teh fruit 🙂 or a cool abstract design.. or take a photo and play with it in a photo program and make it look like stained glass or lline drawing etc..

  • erwin520

    I like this @BlackBerry background design!

  • erwin520

    I prefer @BlackBerry design!

  • Static

    this background is much better >>>

  • Peter G.

    The @BlackBerry background looks better 🙂

  • Peter G.

    The @BlackBerry background looks better 🙂

  • Daniel S.

    @BlackBerry for the win!

  • Craig L


  • Aaron Lewis

    I too like @blackberry better. @blackberryblog seems a bit too formal in comparison.

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Wow, this is why we asked you guys. I was sure the @BlackBerryBlog version would win.

    Keep posting more recommendations like donnam13, so we can tweak the pages to be even better!

  • Ivan

    @Blackberry is my fav xD

  • rebecyoung

    Well, from what I gather that's 11 points for @BlackBerry and 0 for @BlackBerryBlog! I knew you guys would like my version better than Douglas's version!

    Is it ok to gloat yet?

  • Bernardo

    @BlackBerry, definitely!

  • Bernardo

    @BlackBerry, definitely!

  • Bernardo

    @BlackBerry, definitely!

  • Sam

    I vote for Dougie's.

    that's 11-1.


  • CrackBerry Bla1ze

    Uh yeah, sorry Dougie gotta roll with the @BlackBerry one man. Just looks better.

  • Brian Wallace

    crooked pics without a doubt

  • garvey14

    I like the @blackberry design overall, but the black text from @blackberryblog promotes easier readability for folks like me (read older guy!).

  • FinzaAshraf

    l like the straight photos one, looks less sloppy and i want my apps to look deliberate, not slapped on all over the place.

  • Bryan Pollard


  • RIM is Looking for Input on their Twitter Background | BlackBerry Cool

    […] RIM’s Social Media team put up a post asking the community which Twitter background they prefer: @blackberry versus @blackberryblog. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two, other than @blackberry has crooked pictures on the side. If you ask me, they should have a white background with a new QR code each week. The QR code would be a link to a free app that RIM would kindly give out to the community for free. It could be a new theme, app or even ringtone. I’m sure there are a ton of developers out there who would be happy to run a giveaway through RIM’s twitter page. Is there anything you would like to see? Which one do you prefer? […]

  • irvagirl

    I vote @Blackberry.

  • Matthew Kirton

    I definitely prefer the @Blackberry background.

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