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Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

I’m excited to introduce you to the first version of Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones today. We’re launching Twitter for Blackberry smartphones in a limited preview through invite codes. If you didn’t receive a download code, DON’T WORRY! Head to and sign up to receive notification when Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is available to all via open public beta later this year. To hold you over until that happens, I’ve put together this application preview of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones. Let’s get started!

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Integrating with the BlackBerry Platform:

The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application has been designed to take advantage of the BlackBerry platform to create a user experience that will be familiar to both Twitter and BlackBerry smartphone users. Some of the areas that we have focused on are:

  • Push technology and Message List integration to notify you of your direct messages as soon as they arrive.
  • Send/Share BlackBerry menu integration along with URL shortening so that you can share your favorite BlackBerry App World™ applications, interesting websites or a random picture from your camera with your Twitter followers.

Here’s what it looks like to recommend an application to your Twitter followers from within BlackBerry App World.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Here’s what it looks like to share a website via Twitter using automatic URL shortening from within the BlackBerry® Browser.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

You can also capture what’s happening around you with your BlackBerry camera and send the shot straight to TwitPic!

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Key Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphone features:

The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones home page contains navigation icons for @mentions, user profile, direct messages, people search, topic search and trending topics.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Want to see who is following you, or manage who you are following? Access your profile to see and manage both lists.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

If you need to talk to your followers directly, you can send a direct message from your Twitter inbox or through your BlackBerry message List.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Use the people search feature to find and follow new people.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Find out what is being said around you using a GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphone to filter Twitter topic searches based on how close they are to your position.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Check out the current or recent popular Twitter topics to make sure you’re among the first to know what’s being talked about on Twitter.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones supports the official Twitter Re-Tweet feature, making it easy to share interesting tweets with your followers.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

As I mentioned above, Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is available right now only through beta invite, but it will soon be available to everyone through Test Center in BlackBerry App World. We would love to hear your thoughts on what additional Twitter features you’d like to see in the application. Some examples we have in mind are: Geo-Tagging; Lists; Profile Editing and Multi-Account login. Make sure to sign up for notification, and stay tuned to Inside BlackBerry, MyBlackBerry and our official Twitter accounts for more details.

Twitter is a trademark of Twitter, Inc.

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  • Yulio Perkasa

    please send me the invitation code 🙂 @gojoo here 🙂

  • Raynald Christopher


    I want this bad!

  • Dave

    How do we get the invitation code?

  • Mauricio@CodeRocker

    This looks amazing! Already mentioned it ;). Will there be integration (using the user-specific API)?

    I do have a suggestion. If you allow multiple accounts, allow multiple user APIs to be attached to those accounts.

  • Rafael Guasco

    it looks very nice! =D

  • mipmipja

    How can I sign off my twitter account from my Blackberry Bold 9700? I am using Uber twitter, and am confused how to sign off.

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  • vc_dxb

    WOW! This definitely looks good. When does it come out? I need an invite.

  • Russell

    Was sent an invite code but gave errors. How do I get another?

  • Jovan

    Invites available? Thanks!

  • Hector Rauda

    need an invite @hectorrauda

  • JohnnyLeCanuck

    RIM are coming in really late in the game and I don't see here that UberTwitter doesn't already do better. Looking at the screenshots above, the UI doesn't look very friendly for anyone using a Storm either.

    I'm sorry but I'm not impressed.

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  • dylanlouisnyne

    REALLY WANT THIS! @DylanLouisNyne_ ill do anything 😉

  • Nick

    How do I get an invite code?

  • Luis R. Rivera

    Excellent application!!

  • Sarah

    I'm excited.

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  • Anonymous

    UberTwitter, you have a problem. the Blackberry Twitter App interface looks great. Invite me please

  • miguel angel ochoa

    please invitation code @m3chu !


  • hayata ishikawa

    please send me the invite code @hizzaishi

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