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BlackBerry Enterprise Server ExpressWe’re excited to introduce BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express today, a new server software offering that enables businesses of any size to quickly and easily get started with the BlackBerry solution. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express works with Microsoft email servers, including Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 and 2003 and Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003, to provide users with secure, push-based, wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, and more.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is also free: the software requires no additional user license fees, and works with any Internet-enabled or enterprise data plan.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express benefits both the BlackBerry smartphone end user and IT administrators. Click the links below to learn more about the end user, IT management and security features of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express end user features
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express IT management and support features
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express security features

Don’t forget to also register for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express availability updates. In the coming weeks, the Inside BlackBerry blog team will be talking more about BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in general (a topic that might be quite new to many of our readers), so stay tuned!

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  • Martin

    Great step, let's see if the customers will like it too.

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  • Dennis

    Great step, but any plans for Lotus Notes / Domino?

  • Bashar Al-Abdulhadi

    would be great also to support opensource related services and clients that supports webdav such as mozilla products

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  • Blackberry desperate? RIM announces FREE Blackberry Enterprise Server Express. | VoIP Tech Chat

    […] RIM recently introduced a free version of the “popular” Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) software — the Express Edition.  Additionally, RIM promises that there will be no additional user license fees for using this software. In the past, after spending $3k on the Blackberry server software, you would then purchase client usage licenses at $55 – $100 per license (depending on how many you bought). These costs added consideration for many people to avoid the Blackberry system whatsoever. Although an enterprise may not hesitate to spend more than $25k on user licenses, a small to medium sized business would much rather use a smart-phone with imap capabilities than worry about such an expensive integration. “BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is also free: the software requires no additional user license fees, and works with any Internet-enabled or enterprise data plan.” — Blackberry’s Blog […]

  • Zimbra - Forums

    […] the more expensive BES option need not be activated on a SIM in order to work with BES Express.. See press release here. Would it be worthwhile raising a feature request bug to get this thing supported with ZCB ? [Rep] […]

  • Chris

    So I setup a Blackberry Professional Server and had to purchase BES Licenses. What is the difference between the Professional Server & the BES Express? Is the Professional Server going EOL?

  • Hunter

    Possible real release date?????????

  • The Commodore

    BPS went End Of Life when is stopped supporting modern O/S. It died for me in about 2007 when Server 08 was released and RIM said they were not going to support it… and they still don't!

    BES Express is just like BPS except it supports Server 08 and SBS08. However, for some inexplicable reason it does not (apparently) support R2 of Server 08.

  • Carlos

    Would all 75 Cals u receive with the Express be free?

  • Cathy

    Need to set up Blackberry Professional software for a client ASAP. It is not available nor is BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. What is the interim solution?

  • tshimko

    I called RIM sales last week and they said that it will be available the first week of March, that it support 75 users, will work on 2003 and 2008 Server (standard and SBS), if you're running SBS it can be installed directly on the machine, and it integrates with Exchange 2003 and 2007. Once you hit 75 users, you need to upgread to the Licensed version of the BES

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  • Nicholas

    How do I remove the enterprise option from my blackberry so that I can establish my personal email on the phone?

  • Sue

    For Lotus Notes/Domino too, please! We have a lot of requests for this!

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    Navigate to the Email set up icon on your BlackBerry smartphone.

    Thank you

  • mfarney

    The only downside to the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express is it's cost. Otherwise, I have nothing to complain about. Have any of you found any glitches?

    • Coerte

      I thought BES express was free!?

  • mfarney

    The only downside to the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express is it's cost. Otherwise, I have nothing to complain about. Have any of you found any glitches?

  • pze

    I'd like to see a comparison of BES versus BES Express.

  • Sarah Peters

    Installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express was pain-free – after filling in my details on BlackBerry’s website, I received an email with a link to the 600MB download as well as a licence key.
    We already had the full BlackBerry Enterprise Server installed, so we were interested to see what the Express edition had to offer given that it doesn’t require a dedicated server. Pleasingly, it provides many of the basic administrative features for supporting and managing end users’ Blackberries. The web-based interface provides uncluttered access to a range of features and is fairly self explanatory – we found it really easy to get the hang of it.
    BlackBerries are rolled out across our entire sales team, so we’re fairly reliant on the full version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. However, I can see the attraction of the Express edition, particularly for those who have no formal provision for managing workers’ smartphones in the office.
    For businesses with a small number of BlackBerries deployued, and for those who only want basic access to an Exchange server, BESx could fit the bill.

  • Pravinkbhavsar

    we have exchange server 2003 and 2010 in our organization so does it support that mix environment like cross mailbox users. does it work with exchange 2003 mailbox and 2010 mailbox?

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