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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express When we announced BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express at Mobile World Congress 2010 we received lots of interest from you in finding out more about it. Now that BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is officially available we wanted to answer some of your questions. So with the help of my more technically savvy coworkers, I’ve compiled a list of FAQs about BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

Q: So what does BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express mean for me (aka: the BlackBerry smartphone user)?

A: It means you can have what you want: access to your work email, calendar, contacts and more from your personal BlackBerry smartphone – and your IT department also gets what they want: a BlackBerry wireless sync solution that is highly secure and manageable.

Plus, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software is available at a great price (no charge!). And since you’re already paying for your internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from your wireless service provider, there are no additional software licensing costs for your organization to provide you with access to your work email from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Q: Am I going to have to pay an extra fee per month to use this?

A: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is free to all businesses – there is no software licensing cost and no client access license fees. For you, the end user, the only cost is the internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from your wireless service provider. (This means if you can browse the Internet from your BlackBerry smartphone today you are already on a service plan that can be used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express).

Q: Which applications are supported by BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express?

A: It’s actually easier to tell you what applications BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express doesn’t support =D. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express does not support certain premium solutions supported by the full version of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. These are things like Enterprise Instant Messaging Clients, Enterprise Social Networking Solutions, Chalk® Pushcast Software, and BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System. Outside of that, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express users will be able to enjoy the thousands of applications available on BlackBerry App World™ and will also be able to tap into behind the firewall applications when assisted by their IT departments (e.g. CRM applications).

Q: What do I need to have/do to use BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express?

A: It’s fairly simple to get started with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – here is what you and your company needs:

End-user Requirements:

  • A BlackBerry smartphone
  • Subscription to an internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from your wireless service provider

Company Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 OR Windows® Small Business Server 2008, 2003
  • Download and install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software (at no charge!) on your existing Microsoft Exchange or Windows Small Business Server
  • Those looking for more info can read the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express full system requirements (.PDF)

Your IT admin will then simply need to add you and your BlackBerry smartphone into the system and you will be ready and set to go.

Q: What are the end-user features that are available with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express?

A: Below is a list of a few key BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express features. Please note some of these features require BlackBerry® Device Software version 5.0.

Advanced business email features

  • Highly secure push-based HTML corporate email – connected to your work email account
  • Synced inboxes (i.e., email deleted from work Outlook account are also deleted from your BlackBerry smartphone – no need to manage 2 inboxes)
  • Ability to flag emails for follow-up from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Search your desktop inbox for messages from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Set up out of office replies from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Access and update important notes and tasks
  • Edit Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files on your BlackBerry smartphone using Documents To Go®

A calendar that’s always up-to-date

  • Access to an up-to-date calendar that is synched wirelessly (No need to tether to your desktop!)
  • See coworkers’ free/busy status (this should make setting up meetings easy)
  • View, download and forward calendar attachments

Advanced contact features

  • Wireless address lookup (changes to your corporate address book are reflected almost immediately on your BlackBerry smartphone)
  • Synchronization between your desktop address book and your BlackBerry smartphone address book (that means when you add a contact to one, it is automatically updated in the other)

Behind the firewall access

  • Access to your corporate intranet
  • Remote file access – access your corporate documents and network drives from your BlackBerry smartphone

To learn more, visit:

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  • Caspan

    Great list Douglas! I can't wait to see what this product can do to ignite the BlackBerry fire in a small business.

    Once carriers stop charging extra just because you have a BlackBerry would be the nice next step. You should only have to pay for data and that's the end of it. If you chose to use that package to connect to BES that's your choice. Dont finger out the spenders by stating that because you have BES you can afford $40+ for a decent 1GB BES plan. Consumers hate that crap. If I have data I have data end of sentence!

  • Omar

    Google Apps ???

  • Maryjo Hawkins

    I am trying to download the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express and it won't go past the address verification page – there is an “error on page” icon on the bottom toolbar and it just keeps cycling back to the address input page.

  • Rob

    Why am I not receiving the download link. I recieve the confirmation email, but no download link. Please help!

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Rob and Maryjo,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have notified the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express team, and they are looking into the issue as we speak. I will update this comment thread when I have more info!

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  • Wickey

    I have the same problem with the address verification. Please fix it!

  • Marc

    Hi Douglas,

    The same download problem described above is also happening if you try to download from the Netherlands ( from IE, Firefox and Chrome ). It verifies your address and gives a pop up with suggested address after that it doesn't go any further.



  • Edwin

    Same error over here.

    • Evans

      i had this problem but eventually it has passed that space, jusst be patient

  • it support london

    Thanks for the breakdown of what you get with this great new server. I am sure the uptake by business will be huge. It incorporates everything you would want at minimal cost.

  • jacksbrain

    I do not have an exchange server. I am on a small XP network. Is there any way to get the Bberry to sync without a direct or blutooth connection?

  • Caspan

    Here is a good question. What is the limit on users? Is BESX limited to 50 users or how many etc?

  • waldeis

    What's still not 100% clear for me is if i need a special Blackberry plan or if i can use any plan with data? So for example: would the card out of my iphone (which i run on a data plan) in a blackberry then also work and allow me Push Mail?

  • DBrown_V1

    Where can I find the “Disable organizer data access for social networking applications” IT Policy? On BPS, it could be added with a small download from RIM, and it is supposed to be included in BES 5.0.

    As of Monday, that link would take you to a KB article describing how to add these social networking IT Policies to BPS/BES. I posted on a couple of sites that BES Express broke my FaceBook contact/calendar integration (they are grayed out since BES Express doesn't have this IT Policy), and I have yet to see a response. If you look at the Comparison Chart (…), it shows FaceBook as being supported. How do I re-enable contact/calendar sync for FaceBook on handhelds connected to BES Express?

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  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel

    You can check out this link it might be helpful.


    • Caspan

      Okay so its right in line with Small Business Server 75 email accounts. Good number 🙂

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    You will still need to get a BlackBerry smartphone Data plan.You can get more information about the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express here:

    Thank you

  • Daryl

    I too had difficulties with the address page, but it finally accepted my address. A confirmation email was sent saying my download link would arrive shortly. That was 2 days ago and no link has been emailed. Today I received an email with the subject:
    Congratulations on Downloading BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express!
    However, I have yet to get a download link.

  • DG

    I've registered 3 times to 3 different email accounts and not been sent a download link. What's the problem? Wht isn't there any contact information in the confirmation email?

  • Abhinav

    My company is planning to purchase and host BES 5.0.
    I want to know that can we connect our Application Server which is in INTRANET to BES server and can we authenticate web services on BES.
    So, Actually we want to hit our application server through BES.Is that possible is yes how do i achieve it.
    Can we set up BES 5.0 in local network and can have wireless activation on the BlackBerry Devices?


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  • Steven Rodriguez

    I would like to know if messages are delivered to and from a BIS enabled Blackberry with the new BESX as quickly as they are with a BB on a BES plan.

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