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The new MyBlackBerry™

When we launched MyBlackBerry™, my friends at Inside BlackBerry asked me, “What’s in store for MyBlackBerry in the future”? My response was that “our intention is to start small and then work with the community to build what they want in a true web 2.0 fashion. It’s onward and upward from here.” For the past six months, this is exactly what we’ve been doing.

We took all of the feedback from the “MyBlackBerry Feature Request” thread, suggestions from some of the other smaller threads that members had started, and a wish list that I had tucked into my drawer, and then we started phase 2 of MyBlackBerry.

There was a lot to consider, and we needed to make sure that we remained true to our promise: that the site is connected to our other communities in Facebook®, MySpace®, and iGoogle™ (with more community connections to come in the future) and that it’s a place about YOU and YOUR BlackBerry® smartphone. Click the link below to read about some of the requests and how we addressed them.

More Countries!

We heard this request loud and clear, and MyBlackBerry is opening up to the world. Currently MyBlackBerry is still English only, but the registration form has opened up. We will continue to notify the community as more languages and carriers are added.

Device-specific areas

A pretty self-explanatory request that we addressed in two ways:

Get upgrades

1) Quick links for your specific BlackBerry smartphone along the right-hand nav (including a link to check for BlackBerry® Device Software upgrades);

2) Ability to add your BlackBerry smartphone to “My Topics”. In one click you can see all of the recent discussions related to your smartphone.

Marking Posts as Faves

The request here was to make the more vibrant discussions (“Post your BBM 5.0 Barcode”, for example) really easy to find every time you visit the site. All you need to do is click “Follow Topic” in any discussion and it will be one click away each time you visit. Plus, this is how the site becomes unique to you.

Post Your BBM 5.0 Barcode

Make the site easier to use

There were a bunch of small tweaks that needed to be made so that people could easily navigate their way through the site. One of the biggest improvements here is staying in the discussion window when you are replying; the previous version of MyBlackBerry took you to a whole new window, so replying to messages is now much more efficient!

Post a comment to the MyBlackBerry community

And we’re not even done yet! Here are some other things we’re working on:

  • An app/mobile friendly version (yes, it is coming)
  • Ability to display your BlackBerry smartphone PIN in your profile
  • Badges for our super friends who make the site spectacular
  • Easier ways to make friends

I also want to give a big shout-out to James from the MyBlackBerry community – his dedication to helping us make the site better is truly phenomenal. (Just search for his name in the site, and you will see the lists of suggestions he posted.) Thanks, James!

Hope to see you there! And as always, feedback is welcome.

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As RIM's social media strategist, Becky spends much of her day following great online conversations about the BlackBerry® brand (and does some work here and there too). You will hear from her occasionally on Inside BlackBerry, but for the most part she will be behind the scenes, supporting our roster of experts in their blogging activities. Becky anticipates that she will have a lot of "Who Knew?!" moments, and hopes that our readers do too.

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