BlackBerry 6 sneak peek video at WES 2010!


We’re super excited to be able to share the above video – shared during the WES 2010 Tuesday General Session Keynote. Post a comment and tell us what you think about BlackBerry 6.

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  • Shahzoor Ali

    Thanks for posting so quick

  • ogman

    OS looks fine. Video suck due to use of the most played out song in the world.

  • Ryan Nickel

    … did RIM just make the BB OS sexy? WOW! Good job!!

  • M. Nickelberry


  • Xavier Leong

    Very impressive, but less dancing please, got my head spin.

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    One important part of BlackBerry 6 you have to remember is that it will come with a new WebKit browser. Want to see more about the browser? Go here:

  • Caspan

    Its a nice marketing way for a commercial but show us the OS before you market it

  • Richard Ogden

    “Looks” very much like android gui, which is not a bad thing: hope it won't eat the battery up.

  • sebastienrahman

    Looks's about time that Blackberry improved the browser and interface to compete with the iPhone. I'm a Blackberry user and more often these days I need to use my browser, which currently is very limiting. Hope it lives up to the hype..if it does, i'm buying a Blackberry 6!



  • John M.


  • Made Surya Kumara

    cool… can't wait to use it…is it available for 9700?

  • kaori

    SO SEXY!!!Webkit brouser is cool and it reminds me of ipod that music artworks is rolling

  • Darwin

    Don't really like the video and the song! Too tacky! I will wait for a more technical spec video, but for what I saw: version 6 seem way better than version 5. I just hope Blackberry will have a new phone with a bigger screen. I'm currently a Blackberry Bold user, who might switch to Android Dell Mini 5, aka Streak…

  • Anazief


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  • C. Bastien

    looks really exciting. finally we can show that we're ready for competition. love it so far and hopefully the bold 9700 will be able to use this OS.

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  • 2zero1zero

    The UI is nice but not groundbreaking. Can't wait to see the non-touchscreen version. After all, most BB models do not have a touch screen.

  • Joseph

    Show me how it works! The ins and outs… Before you try to sell it to me! Marketing 101… I love RIM but come on guys…

  • Jeremy

    so is this a new phone this blackberry 6 or is this an actual OS? because some websites say its a phone and others say its an OS…what is it? and will it support the bb curve 8530?

  • Dwain

    I am so not impressed at all. Who is responsible for that video? Absoloute nonsense ! This video is an insult to blackberry.

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  • Harish Anand T

    Fantastic presentation. The concept by which the OS features was demo'ed with the song and the dancing person was absolutely smashing – good leverage of their corporate deal with Black Eyed Peas 🙂

    The Music and Photos sections, esp since they came first, didn't excite me at all. In fact, I was disappointed at it's like-ness to the iPhone OS. But was completely blown away by the interaction features with Contacts, the Messaging functions, the seamless integration of URLs into messages, etc. And the icing on the cake HAD to be the Social feeds – simply awesome!

    Can't wait for this to come out. Doubt if it'll be backward compatible to pre BB 9000 models.

  • Isaac

    Use the Opera browser, the experience is totally different from the BB browser, I never use OEM browser ever since I loaded the mozilla

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