WES 2010 Final Wrap Up


Wow — WES 2010 came and went in a flash! We hope everyone enjoyed their time here and learned a lot…we certainly did.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year. Until then, here’s what you had to say about show:

About Becky Y.

As RIM's social media strategist, Becky spends much of her day following great online conversations about the BlackBerry® brand (and does some work here and there too). You will hear from her occasionally on Inside BlackBerry, but for the most part she will be behind the scenes, supporting our roster of experts in their blogging activities. Becky anticipates that she will have a lot of "Who Knew?!" moments, and hopes that our readers do too.

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  • tim7

    when we gonna see Bold9800??

  • tim7

    when we gonna see Bold9800??

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