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During the Tuesday General Session Keynote at WES 2010, the Wireless Leadership Awards winners were announced. For those not in attendance (or not following the @BlackBerry Twitter account), you can click this link to read about the winners or watch the videos embedded in this post. I also had a great opportunity to speak with Lisa from the WES events team about the history of the Wireless Leadership Awards and details about the process of selecting winners, so click the link below to learn more!

When was the first Wireless Leadership Awards?

This is the fourth year, so 2006 was the first year.

And you’ve worked on all of them?


So how did the Wireless Leadership Awards start?

Other teams at RIM wanted to showcase the great and innovative work on the BlackBerry® platform by some of our key customers. So we came up with three different categories to best recognize which specific sector the work excelled: the Private Sector category, the Public Sector category, and the Business Impact category. Originally, there was just one winner for each category, but we’ve expanded each to two finalists and one winner, because it was hard to recognize just one company or solution.

Who were the winners the first year of the Wireless Leadership Awards?

Bank Inter, a Spanish bank, won the Private Sector category for building a mobile banking app long before other people were thinking of doing that. The West Yorkshire Police won the Public Sector category for their work with mobile criminal database lookup, and EMC won the Business Impact category for a wireless antenna solution they had developed.

Earlier this week we announced the 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards nominees on Inside BlackBerry. What was the process to becoming a potential nominee or winner?

A few months prior to WES, we publish a web entry form where companies can be nominated or nominate themselves for entry into the Wireless Leadership Awards. Nominees must upload a business case outlining the wireless challenge to be overcome with their BlackBerry solution, details on their solution (how it was developed and deployed, backend functionality, development partners involved… etc.) and how it has improved their business.

A WES selection committee comprised of RIM employees and past winners then judge all the entries. This is the first year we’ve had industry analysts join the selection committee. It’s a long process of sifting through entries (we receive so many!) and reaching consensus, so we’re really grateful for the hard work of everyone on the committee.

Other than the high honor of being mentioned on the Inside BlackBerry blog, what are the perks of being a Wireless Leadership Awards finalist or winner?

Both finalists and Wireless Leadership Awards winners receive free travel and accommodations to WES 2010, as well as BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry Solution Services packages featuring BlackBerry Training and the BlackBerry Certification Program. The awards winners’ prize package is valued at $30,000 USD, and the finalist packages are valued at $10,000 USD. Any of your readers that are interested in learning more can head to http://www.attendwes.com/wla for more information.

The value, however, isn’t simply in the prize package. The biggest thing is really the recognition at WES. From the Wednesday General Session Keynote to the exclusive awards reception featuring RIM executives and key partners, becoming a Wireless Leaderships Awards winner or finalist is a great spotlight to shine on your company.

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  • s. rucker

    What an awesome phone!

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