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Yesterday WES 2010 General Sessioneers were treated a panel discussion featuring will.i.am – futurist, Ben Silverman – CEO and Founder of Electus, and Steven Berlin Johnson – author of The Invention of Air and Creator of outside.in.

The topic: The importance of connecting with the new generation of mobile users.

In the spirit of being plugged in to your audience and developing content with their feedback in mind, the Inside BlackBerry team wanted to know what you took away from the session – stay tuned for some highlights after the jump!

Key panel takeaways:

Don’t underestimate the transferable skills that people develop in their gaming lives.
Stephen likened the skills involved in coordinating groups in the game World of Warcraft® to the skill sets required for workplace collaboration.

Being constantly plugged in isn’t really a bad thing.
Everything may be instant, but it also now lives in perpetuity – and in a public space to be shared.

Technology allows us to be both individuals and part of the collective simultaneously.
Ben described how the BlackBerry® smartphone was a good example of this – it allows us to assert our individuality through aspects such as themes and apps, and at the same time it provides tools that foster collaboration.

Engage. Period.
will.i.am discussed how he checks Twitter when he DJs to gauge the crowd’s response and then adjusts accordingly. (This may explain some of the fun throwbacks to 80’s tunes at the WES 2010 party!) Similarily, Ben mentioned the importance of storytellers engaging with their audience to help drive the stories forward collectively.

To me, this scope of ideas proves that the conversation is just getting started, and there are a lot of great ideas out there that people are itching to share. We’d love to continue this conversation, so please let us know your thoughts on the key questions discussed in the panel:

– How do we manage the next generation’s expectation of wanting to be engaged?
– How should we break the rules for creating content?
– Has mobility and on-demand changed the way we experience national events?

And for a slightly adjusted final question:

– How can BlackBerry users change the technology in a similar way that Twitter users have helped to evolve Twitter?

Looking forward to reading your responses!

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