Building the World's Biggest BlackBerry (VIDEO)


Our friends on the EMEA social team just sent us a video depicting the construction of the world’s biggest BlackBerry® smartphone, currently on display at the Beaubourg Esplanade in Paris, France, and we thought it would be a good idea to share.

The BlackBerry smartphone is being used to display messages from all over the world about what BlackBerry smartphone users love to do. The messages are also currently being live streamed on the Facebook fan page for BlackBerry France. If you’d like to send a message of your own, there’s still time! Head to the Facebook fan page for BlackBerry UK wall and follow the instructions for sending a message using BlackBerry® Messenger.

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  • Caspan

    So is that a 9700? And why didn't they do white 🙂

    I though its was plastic. Kinda neat to see how some of this stuff is made.

  • Raajesh

    I have BB 9700 bold on which attachments are not receving, its showing attachment icon in email but whne you select open attachment nothing opens

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    What type of attachment files are these and where are they coming from? Does it happen to all attachments.

    Thank you

  • Danielle Scott

    I love Facebook but I am not to pleased with the Facebook app for blackberry. You can do everything on the Iphone facebook app, but you can’t chat or look at someone’s informartion on the BB facebook. The only thing you can do is see status’s photo’s and make comments. I also don’t like that AIM app. I think it should be like the yahoo messenger where you can see buddy icons and people’s status. You can’t see any of that on the BB AIM. Alot of people are complaining about AIM and Facebook which is why the reviews for those apps are not that great. Those are to upgrades that need to be in the works because people are going to end up switching to the Iphone if they are not doing it already.

  • hemoroid basur ilaci

    really nice sharing thanks

  • Richard

    I was told there was a U-tube explaining how to replace a crystal on a a BlackBerry 8330.. does anyone know what the link is?

  • Caspan

    A crystal? What kind of BB do you have LOL. What do you mean by crystal the screen?

  • Caspan

    What does this have to do with the world's largest BlackBerry 🙂

  • Kokolizo

    I am a potential new BB owner. My question is why so many negative comments about the BB system. I need a honest opinion before I make my decision between BB and Android. Please help me I am really new at all this. What I need is good service and email. I am not in all this facebook or all other stuff. Yes I do get on the internet from time to time. Just for info.

  • Drew B Dope

    I wish they would put one in NYC so I could go hug it!

  • Drew B Dope

    I wish they would put one in NYC so I could go hug it!

  • It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the world’s largest BlackBerry! |

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  • Dsfsdf

    Never mind that. Who on this planet still uses AIM?

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