Twitter for BlackBerry Beta Update!


I’m happy to tell you that a new version of Twitter® for BlackBerry® Smartphones is coming soon to the BlackBerry App World™ Test Center. This update should start rolling out tonight and is expected to be completely available by tomorrow evening. If you already have Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones downloaded, however, don’t worry – you will automatically be prompted with an update notification for the new version when it becomes available!

The product team took feedback they’ve been getting from the beta program and are bringing a slew of new features on board. Select the link below to read about the new features, and if you haven’t already, download Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones!

Twitter for BlackBerry Twitter for BlackBerry

Quote Tweets
– The new version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones allows users to quote a tweet by selecting the “Quote Tweet” from the menu options. Using the new feature adds quotation marks around the original tweet, and users can then add or edit the content of the original tweet.

Username Auto Complete
– While tweeting, when you type an “@” followed by characters, the auto complete feature pops up a list of users as you type. This is a handy tool for quickly adding a long username or if you can’t quite remember how to spell a friend’s handle.

Go to User
– Users can now access Twitter profiles from anywhere within Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones using the auto complete feature mentioned above. Simply select “Go To User” in the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones menu.

Whoops! The “Go to User” function is coming in a future version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones. Sorry for the confusion!

Twitter for BlackBerry

Personal Information Guard
Designed to help keep your personal information safe! A warning appears in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones when certain personal information (e.g. email address, PIN, phone number) is about to be shared.

Additional Photo viewing support
In addition to Twitpic support, users now have the ability to view tweeted photos from YFrog and TweetPhoto!

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

View Geotagged Tweets
Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones does not yet allow users to add geolocation to their tweets. In the new version, however, the locations of geotagged tweets can be viewed using BlackBerry® Maps.

New Navigation Hotkeys
A bunch of new hotkeys have been added for speedy navigation. Familiarize yourself with the list below as they are quite helpful:

  • R (reply)
  • L (reply all)
  • Space (page down)
  • F (retweet)
  • C (compose)
  • D (refresh)
  • Alt+0 (home)
  • Alt+1 (mentions)
  • Alt+2 (lists)
  • Alt+3 (profile)
  • Alt+4 (inbox)
  • Alt+5 (find people)
  • Alt+6 (search)
  • Alt+7 (popular topics)

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, so post a comment below telling us what you think of the new features. Don’t forget to also rate and review the application in BlackBerry App World after you’ve spent some time with it! Most importantly don’t forget to follow us: @BlackBerryBlog @BlackBerry @BlackBerryHelp!

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  • lilape01

    …. you say comming soon……. wheeeeennnnn please I need it….

  • Loreburne

    Nice one.. that's will win me over from Uber ….the auto complete @ thing!

  • Jake

    Any word on when a version that will allow us to Geotag our Tweets? Kudos for allowing us to view the Geotags with this version at least – awesome that it uses BlackBerry Maps for this too. Can't wait to get the new version.

  • Irving

    I have a question. Why is it that in every Blackberry application, there has to be 2 or 3 different ways to do something? For example: Open the Twitter app (it's not just the twiiter app, i'm just trying to stay relevant to the post) and hit the Menu key. The menu is cluttered with all these stupid options that are already on the main interface. Theres a search button in the menu AND a search button on the main screen. This problem is with every Blackberry core application. Is just pressing the screen too simple? Or is it a patent thing that there always has to be 2 ways to to something?

  • evulhotdog

    We really need an update, I cant wait for all the added support, the sooner it comes the better! It frequently crashes on me when sending tweets, hopefully this will fix those 🙂

  • Courtney

    The “Quote Tweet” option looks lame, why not just replace the quotes with “RT”? I do like the additional photo support & username autocomplete features though!

  • Failwhale

    Did you stop reading 1 sentence in ?
    “I’m happy to tell you that a new version of Twitter® for BlackBerry® Smartphones is coming soon to the BlackBerry App World™ Test Center. This update should start rolling out tonight and is expected to be completely available by tomorrow evening.”

  • Kamran Khan

    This is a good start, but you need to incorporate tradition editable “RT”. the quote method is ok, but much more cumbersome then needed.

  • Eric

    um. read the first paragraph. it says it will begin rolling out tonight, and should be completed by tomorrow.

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  • Stephen Robinson

    I hope we can actually geotag are tweets soon.

  • narguz

    Loving the new features! However I would had loved if the old style RTs were available instead of “Quoting” also the ability to upload pics to services such as TweetPhoto / YFrog instead of just seeing the pics. Anyways I just deleted the Ubertwitter app. Loving this app so far.

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  • vicious_cid

    Wow, this version actually made me use it instead of 3rd party twitter apps! Good update!

    Now a few suggestion:
    1. Support for Twitlonger (coz more n more 3rd party apps are using it, and it's practical!)
    2. Aesthetics:
    -add bubble style like from SMS and BBM, but subtle n not too big bcoz it costs space
    -tweets from self and @mentions in timeline should be more differently shown, either by color or position of bubble
    -smaller bar for the Twitter logo up there, a bit too large n costs space

  • vicious_cid

    Oww forgot one more thing!
    – the notification icon in the banner should also display the number of new tweets, makes it more interesting to open the app bcoz of many new tweets! 🙂

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  • ♫ Nadia  Blossom ♫

    I love the improvements anticipated but I really need the automatic refresh to go past 5 minutes. I'm a tweeting machine! That is why I've been using UberTwitter since I can set the auto refresh to 1 minute. . . Until then folks. I'm on UberTwitter. . .

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  • Rami Jamal

    I was hoping for a counter like BBM or FB app that shows how many new tweets we have.

  • Isaac976

    The proximity search is facing problems after update, it just says looking up location and keeps looking and looking, nothing happens, then error prompts saying unable to locate location, Have set my profile location and yet this persist, it use to be working well. *hope there is a solution to this. Thanks

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