Support your team in South Africa with BBM Flags!


BBM flags

Last week we posted “Three Ways BlackBerry Connects You to South Africa this Summer”, but left out one of our favorite ways to show our team spirit: BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) Flags!

To display your BBM flag of choice, simply type in the related short code below (e.g. “*two letter country short code*”) into any text field. You can send your team’s flag to a friend (to brag, gloat, commiserate, etc.) or even add them to your BBM profile (see Douglas’ profile above). Here are the country short codes for all teams currently in South Africa:

BBM Flags shorthand

What flag will you be adding in your BBM?

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  • Arthur Baynes

    Go USA!


  • Alejandro Restrepo-Perez

    My team is *br* (Brazil).

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Were you happy with the draw?

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    I can see why, their offense is explosive!!

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  • zulita putriarista


  • Bill

    Not listed, but there, is the flag for Lebanon *lb*. Has anyone found other flags that were not listed?

  • Arthur Baynes

    Would've been happier if the last goal counted!

  • Luv_999

    what the england one…st george's one!

  • Caspan

    Ill put my Canada flag on… We don't take dives and act like some players on the weekend… That's why we're not in the World Cup, we actually play soccer… ZING!!

  • Caspan

    BTW Becky thats not a very flattering BBM profile picture 😉

  • Frank

    Where's the england flag? (It's the same as United Kingdom!)

  • Sarah_99_7

    The United Kingdom is not in the World Cup, it is England. Their flag looks like this: Please change it as this is what I would like to display. Thank you.

  • antibionics

    are there any other other flags for other countries

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  • Gameko

    merci ^^

  • NOSpam


  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    That's because it's MY profile picture funny guy!

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Hey all, two things:

    1. antibiotics – great idea! we'll work on compiling the full list and publish that as well.
    2. England fans: unfortunately there is currently no English flag within BBM. It is being added in the next version, but there's nothing we can do at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Nathjst4u

    *GE* is good enough to a england/ flag 🙂

  • Shireen L. McFarlane

    I know they're not in the WC but can you put a Jamaican Flag up please!!

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Hi Shireen,

    Use *jm* for the Jamaican flag.

  • flag fan

    I know Sint Maarten is not in the WC either…but what is the code for that flag???

  • Hasan Tahsin

    what do i hit for the Turkish flag?

  • oMx

    do you have the flag for Colombia?

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