BlackBerry 6: Another Sneak Peek


In the almost ten years I’ve worked at Research In Motion (RIM), I’ve never been as excited about a BlackBerry® software launch as I am for BlackBerry 6, which is on track for release this summer. I’m absolutely in love with the BlackBerry 6 experience and I expect other longtime users like me will feel the same. I also think the wide range of changes and added features in BlackBerry 6 will attract a lot of new users to the BlackBerry platform.

I know I’m not the only one who is looking forward to BlackBerry 6. There was a lot of excitement about our first public sneak peek of BlackBerry 6 at WES 2010, and I’m happy to share a little more today through the new video posted above.

In addition to the new fluid user interface, the video illustrates a few of the new applications and features in BlackBerry 6 that are designed to provide users with a mobile experience that is fun and approachable, yet extremely powerful. We’ll discuss these features in more detail on Inside BlackBerry as we move closer to the point when BlackBerry 6 becomes publicly available.

Of course, we would love to hear your thoughts. Post a comment and let us know which aspect of BlackBerry 6 grabs your attention the most. Is it the new user interface with a redesigned home screen, universal search and context-sensitive pop-up menus? Is it the revamped BlackBerry Browser powered by WebKit? Or is it new applications like Social Feeds, which integrates your news and social networks into one destination? Personally, those are all high on my list and I also love the fact I can add my wife as a contact on the home screen for quick access. I look forward to reading your responses!

Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management

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  • stegerva

    social feeds is kwel but the webkit (that we saw….”somewhere”) is wonderfull …
    hurry up (with the slide too ;))

  • Eldernas

    Definately the revamped BlackBerry Browser for me. My 9000 doesn't quite cut it in today's market. This is definitely a competitive move! Would love for the 9800 to come to my network with this for my upgrade.

  • Alex van den Hoogen

    Thanks for the great sneak video. This is what I've got to say about the individual features of BB6 – after this video:
    – The new homescreen looks all-right. Not drastically, bit basic, but quite all-right overall.
    – Universal search is nice. Something we've already seen on Palm's OS.
    – The new on-screen keyboard, looks a bit iPhone'ish, but that is a good thing. The current on-screen keyboard is sometimes a bit rubbish. Especially in portrait mode.
    – Media interface looks fresh, modern and exciting! I'm curious how it will work in real life!
    – Notification with today area is superb! Nice innovation IMHO!
    – Social integration is quite nice. Looks like the KIN, and that is a good thing! – Shame Msft killed it :/.
    – The new contact interface is superb, way nice!!
    – The BBM Bubble interface is nice, looks all-right. But I am a bit scared it will take up too much screen space when you are in a 1-on-1 conversation.
    – I hope the touchscreen text selection thing works better than in the current OS, which is just plain crap.
    – Social feeds, filtering and RSS feeds looks astonishing, looking forward to that one!
    – The new browser.. Just the best thing! But will it have Flash integration? If it has, it could be the better/best browser yet! Also does it feature the new 'turbo' that you guys patented?

    Overall, I think the new platform looks great and I am looking forward on using it. Now.. where is the OS leak 😀 ?

    • Blackberry6looksweak

      You clearly have never seen Android 2.2….

  • Alex van den Hoogen

    Oh yeah, forgot to ask.. Which devices are going to be supported? Bold2 (9700), Tour-Bold (9650), Slider, Clamshell, Storm2, Curve2 (8520/30) and the Pearl? — That would be best, I guess.

  • Spencer

    Will it be available for all devices?

  • Jig

    I hope the Bold 9700 gets the love as well…

  • Ed Skelton

    I dying to figure out if the 9700 will get 6.0.

    Some folks like me will need to making a buying decision soon!

  • Rudy_in_la

    Well, the lack of a release date is annoying. Looks good otherwise. Should breathe some life back into BlackBerry. Of course, there is no mention of people who don't have touchscreen devices, so they may be less than thrilled when the release actually arrive.

  • Varun Dhamija

    Social Feeds it is for me… can't ignore the others too…

  • Riz J.

    Looks awesome Andrew! Top features from the video:

    – Home Screen Notifications
    – Social feeds
    – WebKit

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Riz! Miss ya buddy.

  • jf181

    My number one hope for OS6 is that it will be more stable and not suffer from the chronic memory leaks that now plague my 8830 running OS 4.5.

    Older Blackberry's were clearly not designed to run apps in the manner in which most users now use them. Hopefully OS6 will work with apps without freezing the phone.

  • dkonigs

    Any idea when simulators and development tools will be made available? I hope its before the end-user release, so we can make sure all our apps are ready.

  • George

    Awesome new features here.

  • JD Jax

    I HATE VIDEOS! Who has time to watch your stupid video! I can't SCAN a video quickly and get the info I need. I can't COPY and PASTE text from a video into my “Notes for further study” so I can print it out and read later at my leisure. I can't SEARCH videos for keywords that pertain to my research. Stop paying those schmucks all that extra money to create useless videos that only the illiterate watch because either they can't or DON'T read!

    • stevno

      JD Jax, you need to reLax. Videos can sometimes present the feel of a product, especially one that is so visually based, better than words. If you truly don’t have the time at any point in your day to watch a 30 second video, you sir are in deep, deep trouble.

    • No Thankyou Al

      JD take a breth, a lot of issues thier, Don’t read,can’t copy,I HATE,Can’t SEARCH,those schmucks. JD did you have a Bad Day

  • Micofur

    Looking fprward to the new release.Will the new software work on Storm 9530? and other older models.

  • Carlosz

    RIM's exclusive use of Java and the JVM are killing the Blackberry user experience. It's sluggish and unresponsive, and I don't see OS 6 fixing it.

    • Vinod

      Even Android is based on Java (Dalvik VM).

    • DaveP

      You clearly don’t know what Java is capable of then

  • Ross Simmonds

    Sweet… It's an iphone with a different face.

    Show me something new.

  • Joe257

    Need a the following:

    1. A browser that's fast and responsive on a big 5-inch hi-res screen with tabs, with full Java/JavaScript and flash support.
    2. More integration between apps — we're partially there with some apps like Poynt and email integrating with Twitter & Facebook.
    3. Two video cams to support webcalls & webchats.
    4. Be able to install apps in device memory, not just for archiving! Apps should not be installed in RAM!
    5. MUCH MORE RAM!!! 1GB is a good starting point. It will help sell more apps and grow App World!
    6. Keep beefing up app security — don't listen to the competition! They will suffer when malware proliferates!
    7. I need to see what apps are running and be able to close a bunch of apps at a time when memory is low. The current fix for low memory in BlackBerry 5 is to remove apps! This is wrong!!!

    Stop creating more varieties of BlackBerry — too hard to support for RIM & developers. Create three lines at the most: (a) Hard keyboard (AKA Bold), (b) hard keyboard w/ touchscreen (AKA Torch), (c) touchscreen (AKA Storm).

    • Andy

      need flash support.. is must.


      STORM 1 was GARBAGE, I am still sick about buying one, why would BB sell a beta device? Looks like you are desperately trying to catch up to the iPhone, good luck.

    • JayCeeOh

      How do you propose adding RAM via an OS update?

      • Ikarus

        Impossible xD But still it’s stupid installing programs in RAM –‘ And for some reason it only expends a little memory for each time you want to install something. Some times i just get myself confused –‘

    • @heyart

      Social Feeds FTW.

    • Tmpj1524

      Is that all anyone can do, is to whine about everything? Why do I seem to have no problem at all with my 8530? I’m sorry, but you must b doing something wrong.

  • Guest

    Browser and new User Interface are the most exciting!!
    This is from a long time blackberry user that is trying to convert his iPhone crazed friends to switch over to blackberry

  • Jonathan

    Will Orb run on Blackberry? It enables one to stream audio from one's desktop to one's cellphone? Also, will Blackberry 6 be able to stream Windows media radio stations? Will it support Flash?

  • Curtis Matthews

    I love the Blackberry I can’t wait for the updated web browser and the enhanced multimedia capabilities. When Verizon get the 9800 style Blackberry?


  • salesj

    WOW! It is great!
    Blackberry OS is realy great OS and evering is powerfull, but I think BB os had one minus, very slow browser concerning: (1) Rendering page (=>loading page) (2) Slow speed for scrolling.
    I don't know why, but iphone os have safari and it very fast. you have similar processor and etc…
    but why bb browser had so slowly core.

    BB e-mail system + optimized traffic = great solution – nobody have it
    but if you will do: BB Browser (very speed) + optimized traffic for suf = it will kill all Android, Iphone and etc…

    Please do it.

  • Leslie Moore

    Some nice new features – but everything you’ve shown in the previews is for touch-screen devices! Will the Bold 9700 see an update? Even the new browser on its own would be great!

  • Richard Smith

    Its the webkit and social networking integration that gets my juices flowing.

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