BlackBerry App World 2.0 Beta Launch


I have exciting news for BlackBerry® smartphone users crazy about apps! BlackBerry App World™ 2.0 is now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone as an invite-based beta – make sure to sign up for a Beta Zone account so you can receive a beta invite! If you’re interested in learning more about what’s new in BlackBerry App World 2.0 – including new Top 25’s, barcode scanning, new billing options and more – check out my BlackBerry App World 2.0 preview.

Also, check out my video above and tell us about the top five apps you’ve downloaded with BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World is now in 65 countries worldwide (in six languages!) with over one million apps being downloaded each day, so we’re really excited to hear what you have to tell us about your favorite apps!

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Promoter of apps. Connoisseur of tacos. By day, I'm a PR and Social Media Manager at BlackBerry.

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  • Quinton

    i am having a problem with my BB desktop. when i install the desktop yo my pc it opens up, then when i plug my phone in to use the IP modem function. as soon as i plug my phone in the IP modem button is gone. why wpuld thay be and how can i fix it? i have BB bold 9700. my email is quinton, thanks guys!!!

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  • Meat_awaad

    soooo after being a member of beta zone how do i ger bb app world 2??

  • Tony

    how do you get the invite??

  • Nick Cicero

    Hey Alex, first off, if you need music for your BB videos let me supply you! I've written music for Ford and the NY Giants. No need for apple stock.

    Secondly, as a BB curve owner, i like Twitter for BB, Foursquare, Weatherbug, and my father really likes the google app.

  • ☑Edward Lam


  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Nick, thanks for the kind offer! DM @BlackBerryBlog with your details and we'll chat.

  • Alicia

    how do you get the update?

  • Khristopher Ranger

    Wish I could use this with WIND Mobile on my Bold 9700 with the Social Blackberry data plan!

  • Christophh

    i like the coke machine in the background 🙂 ahah, uhm , a new messaging app would be cool, like the crushSMS

  • Aaron

    Blackberry Bold 9700…TOP App – CardStar!!!! FourSquares, TIVO App for my DVR, CrunchSMS (Best IPhone Msging), Facebook APP that links Address Contacts!!

  • Mark

    Facebook, Pandora, Ebay, Tivo, and Weatherbug

  • Marcusm149

    do you know if the phone going to be on sprint ??

  • Viktor from Slovakia

    When will you extend support for additional countries ? Shame for RIM that at least whole European Union isn't supported !!!

  • irenarozxx

    and when will any version of the bb app world be available for the rest of the EU countries ???

  • stegerva

    plz put Italy in the list for beta

  • 6to

    Got it! 🙂

  • Douglas lemp

    I like it

  • Slapjaw77

    love the golf apps but you need a scuba diving app

  • Steve

    My favorites are Facebook, Task Manager(to see what programs are running and killing my battery, when the demo runs out, this feature remains which is all I wanted it for), IM+ LITE (to get Skype Chat), ScoreMobile, and HangmanKids(for my 4 yr old to play and learn his letters/words).

  • Cctwins

    we all want zygna poker for BB

  • Mohit

    plz put india for beta

  • Tomas Hatlak

    It would be really nice to have the app world AVILABLE FOR USERS FROM CZECH REPUBLIC!!! I have no idea why it isn't avilable for our country!?

    blackberry addict Tom

  • Alex Kinsella

    First step is to head over to and register for BlackBerry Beta Zone.

    • 9700 user


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