Why am I being asked to confirm my Windows Live email address?


Recently, I was at a friend’s house when they handed me their BlackBerry® smartphone and asked why they had received a message from blackberry.com stating that their email account required re-confirmation. The message they received stated the following in the opening paragraph:

“You must confirm your email account password on your BlackBerry device by July 1st, 2010 to continue sending or receiving email messages for this account. Microsoft Corporation requires Windows Live email account users who use mobile devices to validate their accounts every 360 days. Other email accounts on your BlackBerry device will not be affected.”

My friend wondered what this message meant exactly, and why they had received it. Here’s what I told them, to help clear up any confusion:

If you are using a Windows Live™ (Windows Live Hotmail, MSN or Bell Sympatico, for example) email address with the BlackBerry® Internet Service, you must re-validate your account every 360 days for security purposes. Three days prior to re-validation, Research In Motion® (RIM) will send a PIN message to your BlackBerry smartphone to let you know that re-validation is required.

The steps to re-validate your account are listed below:

  1. Locate and click on the Setup folder.
  2. Within the Setup folder, click on Email Settings.
  3. Highlight your Hotmail email account, click the Menu key and select Edit.
  4. Enter your Hotmail password and press Submit.

Completing these steps will re-validate your account and allow you to continue sending and receiving your Hotmail email messages on your BlackBerry smartphone.

If you have a Windows Live email address – or any other email address – that you would like to integrate with your BlackBerry smartphone, please check out my previous post “How to set up a personal email account on your BlackBerry smartphone”.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

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  • http://twitter.com/joshuabreault Joshua Breault

    Are BB and MSFT working on a way to sync address book, calendars, etc… with the Windows Live Mail client that comes with Windows 7?

  • Jlaferr

    I have 4 AOL email addresses set up on my Blackberry. Every so often I notice that I am no longer receiving emails on one of the addresses (it happens to the same AOL email address). Problem is, I get no warning!!

  • http://j.mp/nerdalert @heyart

    You’re being asked to reconfirm your Windows Live Account because they want to make sure why you’re using a Windows Live e-mail address.

  • Guest

    Why do I have to login to facebook every time i try to click a link in a FB post? It then locks my FB account saying i'm trying to access from canada. Then I have to go to my home pc and login to FB again and answer a bunch of dumb questions.

  • Blackmixer

    my storm 2 isnt charging up and is constantly trying to reboot itself, can anyone help me pls

  • http://twitter.com/chtaylor83 Chris Taylor

    Why are Hotmail users now forced to use POP3 access? I used to be able to use Hotmail & Microsoft's version of IMAP and my email was recieved almost instantly on my device. Now because we're forced to use POP3, it take so long to get the email.

    Why was this change made???

  • drkdrgn

    this is totally off topic but who is in control of the my blackberry site?

  • Wking16

    need a new battery

  • Wking16

    you have to login and stay loged in

  • dlancelot

    sounds like a defective battery…if you're looking to cut corners, and it's not under warranty, or you can't handle downtime, there's a ton of replacement batteries on ebay for cheap.

  • dlancelot

    What links are you trying to click on? I can assure you it's not all links…sounds like you may have an infection on your computer.

  • bbryusr

    Although my phone charges fine, i do have the problem where my phone is CONSTANTLY rebooting itself. Everything that I have read has said that it is an AP error. I have removed every ap from my phone, except for Facebook, yet I still have the problem. I am thinking it really is a facebook ap error, and you may want to delete it, and re-install it. I should listen to my own advice….

  • dlancelot

    bbryusr, I have seen your post via the tracker…if you reset your bb to factory, and not reinstall any 3rd party software and it's still doing it, it's your battery as well that's gone on you

  • Jonesy

    I purchased my blackberry bold in Dec 09 and in mid June 2010 my screen overheated while i was using it to text and cracked the screen from within. Dose blackberry itself carry a year warrenty on their devices for customers or am I just SOL? and if so how do i reach them?

  • http://www.bbgeeks.com/quick-tips/revalidating-your-hotmail-account-on-your-blackberry-885852/ Revalidating your Hotmail account on your BlackBerry | BB Geeks

    […] I didn’t know much about it, nor could I track down a decent answer. Thankfully, Ty at Inside BlackBerry has the […]

  • THis

    Why are Hotmail users now forced to use POP3 access? I used to be able to recieve msgs almost instantly on my BB. Now it take soooo long to get the email (up to an 8 min delay).

    Why was this change made????

  • dlancelot

    Not sure Chris, you'd have to ask hotmail. If you need instant access to your email, and 8 minutes is too much of a delay, maybe you need to be looking at a more permanent solution (i.e. purchasing your own domain and setting up IMAP or BES).

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    You would need to contact your wireless service provider to see what options are available to you.

    Thank you.

  • Joe257

    This is great that you can do so via the phone itself because using the bell.blackberry.com site is insecure. Re-validating my account requires typing in your password to an unsecured webpage! Why RIM hasn't fixed this in 2+ years is unnerving as the company is often ahead of the curve in the area of security. Not in this case! I'm sure others such as rogers.blackberry.com are also unsecured.

  • Joe257

    Seems like you have some OS corruption. Did you just try installing an upgrade that messed up? Try re-installing the OS from the desktop. Make sure you select the proper OS for your device… 5.0.

  • Justalady1218

    Help! I keep getting a message saying that I need to re-validate my account, but when I follow the steps above, it tells me that my account is still invalid. This is very frustrating!

  • Sja89

    I'm not that great with phones…but it has asked me 4 times to do this in the last week and my BB kept telling me my passworrd was incorrect when in fact it wasn't. I had to go to Hotmail and change it everytime to something else so I could validate it. It hasn't done again in these past few days, but it was sure frustrating. Any advice or info on why it was doing this???

  • Dlancelot

    Hi Debra, as long as your msn email is still active, you should have no issues. Try logging into it online again from a different computer, and as long as your login credentials are good and you have no issues logging in, it should be good. Please try this and get back to us here.

  • Dlancelot

    Hi Debra, as long as your msn email is still active, you should have no issues. Try logging into it online again from a different computer, and as long as your login credentials are good and you have no issues logging in, it should be good. Please try this and get back to us here.

  • Daniel

    I mistakenly deleted d email setting inside the setup on my phone. I am looking for how to get it back. please advice me. my email is: dan4btforall@yahoo.com

    • Anonymous

      Hi Daniel,

      If you go to Setup, in here press the Menu Key and select show all. Do you see the Setup Email icon again?

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