How to set up an email address on your BlackBerry smartphone

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After getting a new BlackBerry® smartphone, one of the first things you’ll want to do is add your email address so you can receive email on your device. Integrating your email address will allow you to receive messages in near real-time, reply and forward, filter message by sender or subject, and much more.

To integrate an email address with your BlackBerry smartphone, just complete the following steps:

1. Locate and click on the Setup folder.
2. Within the Setup folder, click on Email Settings and if prompted, review the Terms of Agreement.
3. A listing of various email providers will now be displayed:
• If you are integrating a Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL or Windows Live email address, highlight the appropriate icon and click Next.
• If you are integrating an email address from another provider, select Other.
4. Provide the email address and password and in most cases, you’re done!

Email Setup

For example, let’s say you want to integrate your Hotmail email address with your new BlackBerry smartphone. The steps to complete this would be as easy as selecting Windows Live™ (Hotmail, MSN®, Live) from the listing that appears after selecting Email Settings and specifying your Hotmail user name and password. After entering this information and clicking Next, you will have successfully integrated your Hotmail email address. It really is that easy to get your email delivered to your device!

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  • Alejandro L F

    Hi, thanks for the tip, but when I look for integrate an email acount the only option than I have it's 'doy you wan to use an account for BlackBerry Enterprise Server?', how can I set up another email account?

    • David De Silva

      Your carrier should be able to provide you with a web page that will take you to the BlackBerry Email service to configure your email accounts that way. For example, mine is at

    • Rednatj

      I had the same option, no option to set up my email. I’m using a curve 8520.

  • Alejandro L F

    Hi, thanks for the tip, but when I look for integrate an email acount the only option than I have it's 'doy you wan to use an account for BlackBerry Enterprise Server?', how can I set up another email account?

  • Erviris

    That’s handy! There’s a calendar on my BB for the email account too but it isn’t in sync with the online one at my gmail – is this working properly or have I done something wrong?

  • Ethan Elser

    I have done this and while I have push syncing for my sent mails, it won’t sync at all my inbox. How can I fix it to do that?

  • Matt

    Why is it that my Gmail account will not synchronize read or deleted items with my phone for over an hour or two?

  • Ukocer

    Whenever I want to connect with the messenger it gives an error saying “service noy enabled for this handheld”..Is there anyway to get rid of this error?

  • Johnny C.

    I always get this error message: The application has encountered an error and cannot continue. Any help on this?

  • Sonya

    I don’t have problems with my yahoo emails on my BB, but my gmail account freezes A LOT! It won’t let me delete emails sometimes and I have to take the battery completely out! Any help you can offer with this?

  • Jsolorio31

    I have no email icons and i can not reply with my blackberry

  • lexy

    does setting up an email account on your blackberry charge you? or is it includeD?

  • Blondy1790

    What’s the real story with the Fancycharcore BBM blast? Is it really a virus? Did I get it without clicking on the link? Please advise.

  • Rednatj

    I cant set up my email using my curve 8520. help!

  • Marthin

    Alejandro, probably this is because you are using Blackberry Enterprise Server (provided by your work?). You need contact with your Network Administrator to know about the IT rules. Regards.

  • JO

    Sounds like you have handset locked down to the Enterprise version of the device software, which is designed only to connect to a BES Server.

    Network Providers sometimes lock this down, I would contact your network provider about this to get the Prosumer version of the device software (provided you still wish to connect to the BES Server).

  • Guest

    You can do this through the BIS E-mail setup website of your cellphone provider. Contact them for more information about this.

  • Eethemer

    I cannot set up my account( yahoo and gmail). The only option I am given is Blackberry Enterprise server. Is there something wrong with the type of software in my phone? Is there an additional application that could be downloaded into the phone which enables set up of alternative types of emails

    • bbhelp_cynthia

      You can set up email on your BlackBerry via computer using this article.

  • Parkpaint

    I get existing user and acct. It does not accept my gmail acct. Also, I had switched from the curve to the bold and can no longer access my blackberry acct. and it won’t let me createa new one

  • morad

    i cannot set up my email either as all i have as an option is Blackberry Enterprise Server. Now heres the kicker I’m using a Storm 9530 on the AT&T network not the Verizon network it was locked to. So im not sure how to get it to work , i also cannot receive mms either

  • Francine

    how do you integrate email addresses to your BB

  • tywilliams

    Hi Eethemer,
    Sounds like your BlackBerry is setup with BlackBerry Enterprise Server service only. I would recommend contacting your wireless service provider to confirm that the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is included with your BlackBerry data plan. As soon as this the BIS service is added to your BlackBerry data plan you can complete the steps in this blog article to setup your Yahoo and Gmail accounts.

  • tywilliams


    I forgot to include another possible cause. If your Blackberry is activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the IT policy may be blocking this option from appearing. To confirm if this is the case contact your BlackBerry Administrator for assistance as they provide details on the IT policy settings.

    • Mayryheart

      hi i’m using this bold 9000,how can i contact a blackberry administrator since i am here in saudi arabia..pls help coz i’m really having too much headache about this matter..thank you..

  • tywilliams

    Hi Rednatj,

    What’s happening exactly? Is the option to setup a BlackBerry Internet Service account missing on your BlackBerry? If so, it may due to one of two issues. The first being an IT policy is blocking the option from appear if you’re currently activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server possibly. The second is your BlackBerry may not have the BlackBerry Internet Service included in its data plan. For more information on the first issue, contact your BlackBerry administrator. If you are not on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server contact your wireless service provider to ensure the BlackBerry Internet Service is added to your account.

  • Kevin Coker20

    Ive tried to do this a couple times now, with my gmail and hotmail, but it says it was successful but a new icon hasnt showed up on the home screen like it says it would…

  • Begzjhomunoz

    on my set up folder i dont have the email setting from where can i download it..pls help tnx

  • Clairecook17

    Can I have both Hotmail and Gmail?

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