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BBM Canada Day

Yesterday, the Inside BlackBerry blogging team was fortunate to enjoy a sunny and relaxing Canada Day. This weekend, our friends south of the border celebrate their own national holiday. After reading our Support your team in South Africa with BBM Flags post, many of you wanted to know your country’s short code even though your team wasn’t playing in South Africa. What do those three things add up to? The perfect time to publish the global BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) flag list!

To display your BBM flag of choice, simply type in the related short code below (e.g. “*two letter country short code*”) into any text field. Please note that some country flags might not be currently supported in BBM. We’re always looking to add more flags to BBM, so if you notice a flag that’s missing, post a comment below and we’ll work to get it added.

Afghanistan *AF* Ghana *GH* Palau *PW*
Albania *AL* Georgia *GE* Panama *PA*
Algeria *DZ* Germany *DE* Papua New Guinea *PG*
Andorra *AD* Ghana *GH* Paraguay *PY*
Angola *AO* Gilbratar *GI* People’s Republic of China *CN*
Anguilla *AI* Great Britain *UK* Peru *PE*
Antigua and Barbuda *AG* Greece *GR* Phillipines *PH*
Argentina *AR* Greenland *GL* Poland *PL*
Armenia *AM* Grenada *GD* Portugal *PT*
Aruba *AW* Guatemala *GT* Puerto Rico *PR*
Australia *AU* Guinea *GN* Qatar *QA*
Austria *AT* Guinea Bissau *GW* Republic of Moldova *MD*
Azerbaijan *AZ* Guyana *GY* Reunion *RE*
Bahamas *BS* Haiti *HT* Romania *RO*
Bahrain *BH* Honduras *HN* Russian Federation *RU*
Bangladesh *BD* Hong Kong *HK* Rwanda *RW*
Barbados *BB* Hungary *HU* Saint Kitts and Nevis *KN*
Belarus *BY* Iceland *IS* Saint Lucia *LC*
Belgium *BE* India *IN* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines *VC*
Belize *BZ* Indonesia *ID* Samoa *WS*
Benin *BJ* Iraq *IQ* San Marino *SM*
Bermuda *BM* Ireland *IE* Sao Tome and Principe *ST*
Bhutan *BT* Islamic Republic of Iran *IR* Saudi Arabia *SA*
Bolivia *BO* Israel *IL* Senegal *SN*
Bosnia and Herzegovina *BA* Italy *IT* Serbia and Montenegro *CS*
Botswana *BW* Ivory Coast *CI* Seychelles *SC*
Brazil *BR* Jamaica *JM* Sierra Leone *SL*
British Virgin Islands *VG* Japan *JP* Singapore *SG*
Brunei Darussalam *BN* Jordan *JO* Slovakia *SK*
Bulgaria *BG* Kazakhstan *KZ* Slovenia *SI*
Burkina Faso *BF* Kenya *KE* Solomon Island *SB*
Burundi *BI* Kiribati *KI* Somalia *SO*
Cambodia *KH* Kuwait *KW* South Africa *ZA*
Cameroon *CM* Kyrgyzstan *KG* South Korea *KR*
Canada *CA* Lao People’s Democratic Republic *LA* Spain *ES*
Cape Verde *CV* Latvia *LV* Sri Lanka *LK*
Cayman Islands *KY* Lebanon *LB* St. Pierre and Miquelon *PM*
Central African Republic *CF* Lesotho *LS* Sudan *SD*
Chad *TD* Liberia *LR* Suriname *SR*
Chile *CL* Libya *LY* Swaziland *SZ*
Colombia *CO* Liechtenstein *LI* Sweden *SE*
Comoros *KM* Lithuania *LT* Switzerland *CH*
Congo *CG* Luxembourg *LU* Syrian Arab Republic *SY*
Cook Islands *CK* Macao *MO* Taiwan *TW*
Costa Rica *CR* Madagascar *MG* Tajikistan *TJ*
Croatia *HR* Malawi *MW* Thailand *TH*
Cuba *CU* Malaysia *MY* Timor-Leste *TL*
Cyprus *CY* Maldives *MV* Togo *TG*
Czech Republic *CZ* Mali *ML* Tonga *TO*
Democratic Republic of the Congo *CD* Malta *MT* Trinidad and Tobago *TT*
Denmark *DK* Mauritania *MR* Tunisia *TN*
Djibouti *DJ* Mauritius *MU* Turkey *TR*
Dominica *DM* Mexico *MX* Turkmenistan *TM*
Dominican Republic *DO* Monaco *MC* Turks and Caicos Islands *TC*
Ecuador *EC* Mongolia *MN* Uganda *UG*
Egypt *EG* Montserrat *MS* Ukraine *UA*
El Salvador *SV* Morocco *MA* United Arab Emirates *AE*
Equatorial Guinea *GQ* Mozambique *MZ* United Republic of Tanzania *TZ*
Estonia *EE* Myanmar *MM* United States of America *US*
Ethiopia *ET* Namibia *NA* Uruguay *UY*
Falkland Islands *FK* Netherlands *NL* Uzbekistan *UZ*
Faroe Islands *FO* Netherlands Antilles *AN* Vanuatu *VU*
Federated States of Micronesia *FM* New Caledonia *NC* Venezuala *VE*
Fiji *FJ* New Zealand *NZ* Vietnam *VN*
Finland *FI* Nicaragua *NI* Yemen *YE*
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia *MK* Niger *NE* Zambia *ZM*
France *FR* Nigeria *NG* Zimbabwe *ZW*
French Antilles (temporary) *FR-AN* North Korea *KP*
French Polynesia *PF* Norway *NO*
Gabon *GA* Oman *OM*
Gambia *GM* Pakistan *PK*

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