The Royal Visit to RIM


the Queen visits RIM

[photo care of Kevin Fung]

Earlier this week Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll and His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip honoured Research In Motion® (RIM) with a visit to our manufacturing facility here in Waterloo, Ontario.

The royal couple was greeted by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, RIM President and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, local dignitaries and hundreds of cheering admirers. After donning their smocks, the Royal Couple was taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility.

(In case you were wondering, everyone who enters onto RIM’s manufacturing production floor needs to wear an electrostatic discharge smock and footwear to help eliminate potential electrostatic charges that can be carried on clothing – even small electrostatic charges could damage the circuit board used in the BlackBerry® smartphones when they are being manufactured.)

During the tour, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh had the opportunity to see how the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone is made, and to speak with some RIM employees as well.

When the tour concluded, Mike Lazaridis presented The Queen with a white BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone and The Duke of Edinburgh received a black BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone.

The Queen receives a BlackBerry smartphone

The Queen’s BlackBerry smartphone included a picture of children from the Queen Elizabeth Public School in Kitchener, Ontario. The children were all holding flowers and standing in front of a school sign with the message “Q.E. students welcome the Queen to KW”.

The crowd certainly seemed pleased to see The Queen, and I know RIM employees and executives were excited to be able to host this part of her visit to Canada!

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  • Avi Leitner

    can we get her BBM Pin? 😉

  • BlackBerry fan

    Very cool. Congrats RIM! Love to read stories like this!

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Ha! If I find out I'll definitely do a blog post about it. =D

  • omponk

    when the Indonesia President visit? 😀

  • Caspan

    LOL Queen Elizabeth is going to be ticked when she finds out she cannot run OS6.

  • Greg

    Blackberry is so much better then the Iphone.

    • Thetruth

      of course! blackberry is better! for that reason apple become the biggest technology company. and for that reason Apple in 2 Years make what took Blackberry 8 Years. Of course is better -.- “

      • Caspan

        Because of the iPod they have not touched the business sector. Here have a toy to do business with or use a 100% out of the box secure device to do business on…. Catchup in security is what Apple will always do. Even today you can still unlock an iPhone because of bugs. Apple is a joke for security.. Keep using your device and drink the Kool-aid and watch as your fearless leader runs when the cards are dealt.

  • pengkelee

    i have

  • Greg

    Blackberry is so much better then the Iphone.

  • pengkelee

    i have

  • Bob Beausoleil

    Your VP on a previous page asked for suggestions re the Blackberry smart phone. Firstly, I must I read about short comings of the Bold 9700 on the Apple web site? Specifically the antenna issue. I just purchased the 9700 replacing my 9000 thinking it would solve some of the issues I was having with the 9000. Not so. I still have a reception problem (i'm on Rogers) often times when data is downloading to the phone everything goes white and you sit and wait. I had to turn off my wifi to have you tube work. I believe some of your features are far behind the competition. For example you can see the person with whom you are talking on the new iphone but not my 9700. Your advertisements don't make one get excited about future blackberry products. I do hope you listen as I have been a very local customer for several years and always try to stay current with new equipment.

  • Caspan

    I wish people would stop comparing apples to BlackBerrys so to speak. It's like comparing a transport truck to a mini van. You either want one or the other. Just because both of them drive on the road does not make them the same. The same goes with devices, just because they are phones does not make them the same. If you want a iPhone get one. It sounds like you might have some phone issues that I'm sure a Roger technician can fix by replacing your device or fixing it. Old SIM cards can also cause this. Does your SIM have 4000 in the number or something different.

    Why don't you explain a problem and what you have done to try and correct it? I know RIM cares about its customers but they can only help people who are willing to help them self. This is not Mc Donalds that you can just whine loud enough to get your way. Follow the proper support chains and you might get results. Until then realize this is a blog not a support forum (they are located here ) this is a post on the Queen visiting RIM. That's like running into a city meeting and yelling at them about HST, your voice is not heard and is more annoying then helpful to the conversation, its not the proper place to speak your voice!

  • Dave

    Nice pictures. I like the idea that you made sure they couldnt mix them up. And as the Blackberry is more secure than anything else hope she is able to use them

  • OT

    BlackBerry! The best! The Queen has one! Obama has one! Even the stupidest person on Earth (Paris Hilton) has one! Oh, wait there are iPhone users so she’s not the most stupid person on Earth. Shame on you iPhone users for calling that fancy ugly security-less crappy toy a “smartphone”.

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