BlackBerry 6: Inside the New BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0


A couple of weeks ago, I posted the BlackBerry® Desktop Software v6.0 sneak peek and officially kicked off our first-ever BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows® limited public beta program. Your amazing feedback and comments on the post have been truly inspiring to both me and the teams working on the product!

Today, I have some more exciting news for you as well as a more detailed walkthrough of key user interface and feature changes in BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0. Read on to take a closer look at BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 and learn when it will be available on a PC near you!

Connecting a new BlackBerry® smartphone

Something that is one hundred per cent new in BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 is a very simple set-up wizard which you will see when you connect any of your current BlackBerry® smartphones for the first time with BlackBerry Desktop Software. This set-up wizard will help you to automatically transfer all your data and settings from your BlackBerry smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or expert – with just a few very simple steps, you will be fully set up and be able to run the new BlackBerry Desktop Software. Among other things, you can even give your BlackBerry smartphone a nickname and specify which tasks you’d like to be done automatically when connecting with BlackBerry® Desktop Software.

Summary and Device Options

As some of you have noted in your comments, the BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 layout and Device Summary are now much more similar to what many of you have seen and loved in our Mac version of Desktop Software. In addition to device information and an indication of when the BlackBerry smartphone was last synced or backed up, the summary screen also provides an easy way to kick off a new backup if you opted out of the automatic option, as well as the option to update your BlackBerry smartphone when updates become available.

Any settings configured during set up can be updated at your leisure from Device Options menu, also accessible now from the Summary:

New Interface to Add/Remove Applications and Configure Organizer Sync

As with previous versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software, you can manage applications to install BlackBerry Device Software-optional applications to your BlackBerry smartphone (like support for new languages), or remove any third-party apps you may not want to use anymore. Removing or adding an app is just a matter of clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘X’ buttons in the action column, and the Application Summary screen will be updated to reflect what will happen after you select ‘Apply’ for the changes.

Once your Organizer settings have been configured, the new user interface provides an easy way to control what specific data you would like to sync next time. In addition to previously supported organizer applications like Microsoft® Outlook® Express, Windows® Vista Address Book and Calendar, Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 and 2007, with BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 you can also sync with Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 (32bit mode).

Integrated BlackBerry® Media Sync!

All BlackBerry® Media Sync features are now integrated natively in BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0, with plenty of improvements and new features including Wi-Fi® Music Sync for BlackBerry® smartphones (with BlackBerry® 6). Vikram has covered the features of BlackBerry Media Sync 6.0 in detail in his great blog post, but here is a quick summary of the key enhancements:

  • In addition to playlists, you can now also sync by artists or genres
  • You can now sync videos from your computer to your BlackBerry smartphone and import new videos from your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer
  • New pictures and videos can be automatically imported as part of autosync when your BlackBerry smartphone is connected

BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 is available starting today, so existing BlackBerry Desktop Software users should start getting auto-update notifications later today. The rest of you can visit Post a comment and let us know what you think!


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About Andrey F.

Andrey started with Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 as an intern, and recently joined the handheld software product management team in 2008. Andrey's focus is on the overall direction for desktop software. He spends most of his time identifying customer needs and working with various development teams to come up with new and exciting ways to extend the magic of the BlackBerry® experience to the desktop. Andrey hopes this blog will allow him to share his passion and knowledge about BlackBerry with readers.

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  • 9700 user

    the best expreince ı had in bb desktop manager 🙂

  • User

    There is no special new stuff. In general just new UI

  • Geekeduppnica

    why cant blackberry 6 be for storms cause the torch is a storm with a keyboard right?

  • Sebastián Sariego B.

    new s.o for pearl plz! 4.6 at least

  • Mschmiede

    so useless…this does nothing for my mac and storm. Can BB step it up and be more mac friendly?

  • Caspan

    No there is no 64bit support….

  • RobertSeattle

    Any issues with the download site? I'm only getting about 15 KB/Sec and I usually have a pretty fast pipe.

    • emir ozmen

      same here

  • DS

    My old desktop software told me about the new update that was available. I told it to update. After an hour it said it completed. I ran it and have had nothing but one error after another. I had this problem last time so I download directly from the website. Re-installed it. That didn't eaven help. First it crashes with useless error codes when you try to set up your sync options. I had to go into the (Vista users: C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingResearch In MotionBlackBerry) forlder and delete the Intellisync, and Loader History folders. Now I was able to get into the sync optino setup. I set it all up and attempted to sync. One error code after another. Still not able to sync. How can this be so full of issues?

    • barefeet

      I’ve got the same problem, RIM thieved half a day of my time, then I restored my system back to earlier in the day, things were almost back to normal, except sync doesn’t work any more, and I can’t uninstall DM 5.0.1 either. So now RIM has thieved almost entire day, I”m left with a nonfunctioning system that I can’t do anything about. Is there any one with experience left in RIM?

  • RobertSeattle

    I was trying to install it from the download link. That died so I tried to install it by doing a “check for updates” within the 5.0 Desktop Manager and that seemed much faster.

  • lmorales

    I have a MAC but I'm completely loyal to BB…. Please upgrade the MAC version ASAP!!!

  • Rick919

    I have a Blackberry 8530 and I can not download this new program on the internet. Is this for people who have the Blackberry Torch or anyone who own a Blackberry?

  • Bernie Goldman

    1. Took over 1 hour to download on a fast connection.
    2. Turns on mass storage support, regardless of device settings. Have to disconnect and reconnect device, and then turn off mass storage on device. Otherwise software says not enough storage space.
    3. Pushing Apply button does nothing.

  • Caspan

    This is for any user that requires desktop software. It will work with any device.

  • shabarch

    What happened to the “hide when minimized” option????

  • RobertSeattle

    I just tried again and it is fast now.

  • Caspan

    LOL um sure… I get people love their MAC but welcome to the game of owning a system that only has 10% ish market penetration. You bought a MAC now deal with the fact of the whole reason why others do not buy it and that would be lack of support.

  • DamonR

    I'm also getting errors, when attempting to sync my address book. It says “Connector Specific Error” and then the sync aborts without updating any changes. Other than this – I love the fact that we can now sync with the Windows Vista address book & calendar.

  • Nn

    …and when could we see – al last! – the version which supports 64 -bit version of outlook???? besides. the new BB desktop software doesn't support companionlink addin anymore! it is now impossible to execute addins! so, pay a great attention before updating…

  • Rjgreen777

    Will this work with windows vista business and storm 2 on verizon?

  • CSantos

    Installed DM 6.0 with no issues. I connected my 9700 and set it up as described above. Plugged in a colleagues' 9700 and a new “profile” was created. Now for my question… How do I delete my colleagues' profile from the Desktop Manager? I usually help out anyone who has an issue using the Desktop Manager (for OS updates or any other task) so I might end up with dozens of useless profiles on my Desktop Manager… Help…

  • BR

    I am looking for this same feature. Anything?

  • len222

    Agree with Shabarch. Major annoyance is the lack of a “minimize to tray” or “hide when minimized” option.

  • Kate Sullivan

    I'm downloading my new software right now! Can't wait!

  • Mvarga5

    I do not have a media card, nor do I want one. I can't get to the pictures I want to copy to my PC – Pictures tab says “Media storage is not available – please check media card is installed and mass storage mode is turned on.” Why can't I get to the pictures on my device and not my media card??

    • Joe1234

      I think BB help staff have all been fired. I’m not sure why they can’t show up here to give you advice. This is disgusting -BB takes our money but provides no proper customer service – like all the best companies in the world do. My advice is to check and see if you have enough storage left on your phone to save any more images- a media card is used to add a vast amount of extra storage. Apparently BB has no intention of helping its customers- showing they don’t care> time for everyone to send a message and get any other phone rather than a BB unsupported phone.

      • Grogane

        So what is the resolution? Going through the same problem right now as a result of getting a new (Windows 7-based) PC and having to download this new DM. Anyone successfully resolve this?

      • Aornoe785

        DTM 6.0 utilizes Mass Storage Mode, which reads the on-board storage (for the Storms, Bold 9000 and Torch) and expandable storage only. It can’t connect to sync media stored directly in the device memory.

      • Aornoe785

        DTM 6.0 utilizes Mass Storage Mode, which reads the on-board storage (for the Storms, Bold 9000 and Torch) and expandable storage only. It can’t connect to sync media stored directly in the device memory.

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