BlackBerry 6: Inside New Media Sync Options


Hi friends! I have exciting news today – BlackBerry® Media Sync for PC will now be included in BlackBerry® Desktop Software v6.0 (make sure to check out Andrey’s BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 post). This integration provides a consistent and unified experience between BlackBerry Media Sync and all the other great BlackBerry Desktop Software functionality. BlackBerry Desktop Software is now more lightweight, but packs a bigger punch!

Those of you familiar with BlackBerry Media Sync know that you can benefit from syncing your iTunes® or Windows® Media Player music stored on your computer with your BlackBerry® smartphone. On top of the new music sync options in BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0, users can also sync by selecting individual artists or genres in addition to playlists. There are a bunch of great new options for syncing different types of media. Let’s check them out!

Wi-Fi® music sync – anytime access to your entire desktop music library

This option is available on BlackBerry smartphones running the new BlackBerry® 6, and it’s totally cool. Have you ever sat in an airport lounge and wondered “now why didn’t I sync that song? I’ve got to remember to do this the next time I’m in front of my computer”…But the next time you are in front of your computer, you forget to do this again. If this has happened to you, you’ll appreciate the addition of Wi-Fi® music sync.

With Wi-Fi music sync, you get anytime access to your entire desktop music library even when offline (no Internet connection required). Not only can you view what music is on your BlackBerry smartphone, but you can now also see all your music not yet synced to your device that’s available on your computer (“Home Music”)! This means that you can select items for sync as well as create and edit playlists that will sync back with your computer next time you connect. Simply add music to the “Wi-Fi Music Sync” queue, and items in the queue will automatically get downloaded to your BlackBerry smartphone on the next Home Wi-Fi (or USB) connection to Media Sync.

I’ve been really having fun with this feature. For example, while sitting on the train last week, I decided to create a party playlist. I added a mix of music – some from my device as well as some from my home computer. The minute I got back home and walked through the door within my home Wi-Fi connection, my Party Mix automatically synced from my computer to my BlackBerry smartphone. I promptly hit play and enjoyed my new mix.

How is this possible? It’s simple – periodically, the metadata (album name, artist name & genre info) for your entire Home music library gets synced with the BlackBerry smartphone. These songs and playlists from your computer are then integrated in the Music application on your device. The songs not present on your BlackBerry smartphone can easily be identified as they appear dimmed (or ghosted) compared to the rest of your music. Within the Music application on your smartphone, your Wi-Fi Music Sync list displays the status of your songs and playlists, such as pending or downloaded, as well as the status of your connection with the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

It is easy to enable the Wi-Fi music sync feature. Simply click on Wi-Fi music sync from the Tools menu or Enable Wi-Fi music sync from Device Options -> Media. It is important to note though that this feature works only on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer running BlackBerry Desktop Software.

2-Way Video Sync

Similar to the addition of 2-way photo sync with the previous release, you can now sync your videos back and forth between your computer and your BlackBerry smartphone. Here’s how it works:

  • Computer to BlackBerry smartphone – Transfer videos saved on your computer to your BlackBerry smartphone. Videos are optimized for playback on your device, allowing for storage of more videos on your BlackBerry smartphone without sacrificing quality and better viewing experience based on screen and file size.
  • BlackBerry smartphone to computer – Transfer videos taken with and saved on your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer. This is a great way to back up your device videos for safe keeping and/or editing.

Users can also continue to enjoy 2-Way Photos Sync. Here’s how that works:

  • Computer to BlackBerry smartphone – You can transfer photo albums that you have edited, organized, and saved on your computer to your BlackBerry smartphone. You can store a lot of pictures on your BlackBerry smartphone, as Smart Memory Management is designed to optimize your photos by reducing them to up to ~2% of the original size.
  • BlackBerry smartphone to computer – Import photos taken with and saved onto your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer. This is also a great way to backup your photos for safekeeping or editing with your favorite photo management software.

I still love this feature, as I take a lot of photos with my BlackBerry smartphone and it’s great to know that I can sync these back with my computer quickly and easily. I also love taking photos that I have edited on my computer and syncing them to my BlackBerry smartphone to use as my device wallpaper.

BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 is available starting today, so existing BlackBerry Desktop Software users should start auto-update notifications later today. The rest of you can visit Don’t forget to also check out as well for specific BlackBerry Media Sync information.

Have any questions about BlackBerry Media Sync functionality? Please let us know by posting a comment.

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Product Manager Vikram joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 after working in the Web, browser and computer-networking worlds as a product manager and a software developer. He spends most of his time nowadays working on RIM’s multimedia products. He is a huge sports fan and loves being able to check on his cricket and football scores anywhere, anytime thanks to his BlackBerry smartphone.

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  • Caspan

    Do you require desktop manager to be running to do the Sync over WiFi for your music?

  • Romanbaytalsky

    booo this blows….the media sync does not support .FLAC files even though the blackberry media player does. What is the meaning of this?

    The roxio media manager supported these files types…and now with this so called new version it doesnt?

  • Peter Vanderkreeft

    Wow, I realy like the media options! Can't wait to buy my Torch in the Netherlands…

  • MixModes Inc

    Yes you need desktop manager running.

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  • ByTeEaTeR

    This Wi-Fi music sync feature will come in very handy!

  • Chike

    How do I see the Music that is on my Device. When i go to the music section it only shows music on my desktop

  • MixModes Inc

    When you start desktop manager and navigate to the music and connect blackberry, the media that is present on the blackberry will be selected once your blackberry is connected.

  • Kornsep

    I cannot configure organizer sync with 6.0. Every time I click the box for calendar or address book it takes me through set up. If finishes set up but I still takes me through set up when I click the box to sync. I have Outlook 2003. I might have to install 5.0 again.

  • Stevensickler

    How do I my photos from device memory to media memory on my device?

  • Msevil2000

    Hello, I too was having some issues with my Outlook 2007 syncing with the BB Desktop Manager 6.0. What I decided to do was to remove all of BB Desktop Manager from my computer. Then I download the BB Desktop 6.0, once that was completely done, I did not connect my BB to it. Next I decided to reload the Outlook 2007 again but only as repair (nothing else). This step does take sometime but once it was completed, I decided to to attached my Storm 2 to sync and it work. I hope that this help some of you. A word of advice just be “patient”.

  • Inside BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

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  • Randy Gray

    I installed desktop manager but when I try media sync it requires mass storage mode be on. I turned it on and it stills says to turn it on. I have reset the device and rebooted the pc. Still says it is not on but it is. Help.

    • E Ribeiro

      Same here. Really disapointed with this new Manager. Tried MSevil2000’s suggestion. No avail. Moderator, pls help us at RIM.


    I downloaded descktop Mgr 6.0, My bold 9000 has mass storage turned on. I keep getting the message that I must turn on mass storage to sync files. It was working before with 5.0. I can't get help from anyone. PLEASE HELP.

  • E Ribeiro

    Same with me? Can anybody help?

  • Cessajee

    I have a Balckberry 8900 without a SD Card. How can I get the Blackberry desktop manager 6.0 to access the pictures in the 8900's device memory? Note I have enabled and disabled the memory card on the device – yet the BB 6.0 Media Sync does not respond – it keeps telling me that the media storage is unavailable. and to check that the media card is enabled and the mass storage is turned on. I have check this to be so – yet no media sync.

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    I would recommend re installing the BlackBerry Desktop Software and removing the battery from the BlackBerry smartphone to restart it.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 will only read the media card. It will not read device memory.

    Thank you

    • Jan's BB

      Please give a complete response. Your abbreviated answers are useless and leave us with no resolve. We have installed Blackberry Desktop 6.0. We DO NOT have a media card. You have responded that 6.0 does not read device memory. We found that out the hard way. What is the SOLUTION please to transfer pictures from device memory to a PC? If it is to install an older version of Media sync, please provide the link. Thank you.

  • E Ribeiro

    done, no change……

  • steve l

    Installed manager 6.0 but itdoes not see mass storage mode on the phone which is “on”. Phone (Bold) softwate has been reloaded. Desktop had been reloaded. Cord had been checked as I have a spare and memory card replaced with new. What am I missing?

  • Njdfa8

    yea me too.. mass media is on but it says its not… cant figure out how to fix this

  • Njdfa8

    this fxed it for me… took me a week to find this, and it fixed it in like 30 seconds..

    go here and click the link to download the rar file, then run it and restart computer.. after that it all works, you can even put the media and whatnot on throw windows explorer..

  • Njdfa8

    this will fix the problem… just did it and it worked

  • E Ribeiro

    Pavel, do you know or have you tried njdfa8's solution above, has it been “approved” by RIM?

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