BlackBerry 6 New York City Event Live Chat!


Hi friends! We’re in New York City this morning for a special BlackBerry® 6 related media event. To make sure you can join in on the fun, we’ve set up the live chat above. Below is the speaker list for the event (there may be a few extra surprises as well!):

    Ralph de la Vega, President & CEO, AT&T Mobility
    Mike Lazaridis, President Co-CEO, RIM
    Don Lindsay, VP, User Experience, RIM
    David Yach, CTO, Software, RIM
    David Christopher, CMO, AT&T Mobility

The event won’t start until 11am EST, but feel free to join early and shoot the breeze with us!

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  • Watch BlackBerry 6 Event Live Online (11AM EST)
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  • Ciaranpark

    I can't see my comments in the live chat, any reason for this? Cheers

  • stegerva

    cool i have popcorns ready

  • Dre

    Can't Wait!

  • Arturo

    Go Ralphy!!!

  • Arturo

    I think it's time for lunch, some good food, and the best Blackberry news ever!

  • Lorraine

    wish I had waited for this BB it looks amazing!!!

  • Lorraine

    So exciting!!! waiting very impatiently!!

  • Caspan

    Cheers to you RIM. I hold my glass up to you.

  • Abijah

    This has been a sad day for dedicated Blackberry users. RIM came out of their 4 year coma to announce the device they developed 4 years ago. sad.

  • Lorraine

    Missed it literally by one month, this is my very first cell phone experience and I should have waited a little longer, now I will have too!

  • Lorraine

    I wanna touch the torch

  • Caspan

    Sucks when RIM comes out with a phone that already beats the pants off the newest iPhone doesn't it!!! Now Apple will have to wait another 2 years to build a device that is comparable in hardware…

  • Stormin

    If it's not on Verizon, I want no part of it. You couldn't GIVE me an ATT phone! Thankfully, VZ is going to certify BB6 so the Storm2 IS going to get BB6 OS upgrade!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahtiang

    does this means that Storm 2 device won’t be getting OS 6? absolutely sad…

  • Peteyrepete

    Looking to switch to smartphone but don´t want to wait months for it to get to Mexico- otherwise will get iphone. Any chance it´ll arrive soon?

  • Tfromtifton

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of BlackBerry 6–who knows when it will ever run on my BlackBerry Bold 9650–I’ve been loyal to BlackBerry since 2006–now, I’m ready to move on to a Droid–in my opinion, Research in Motion has neglected its customers.

  • Steve J

    Are you drunk sir?

    • Caspan

      Ours makes calls then does not drop them, period.

  • Gotaeat

    is it available for verizon

  • Jlauwrence

    are you entirely positive that Storm2 is going to get BB6 OS upgrade? I've read RIM's news release and they didn't mention Storm2

  • Greg Page

    Is the Blackberry Torch global network friendly similar to the Tour ????

  • Rowan

    anyone has any ideas when the Blackberry torch will hit South African shores.

  • Michel Boutin

    Dear RIM,

    I am the present owner and a happy user of a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and I was enthusiastically looking forward to upgrading to the new BB Torch. I am very disappointed with yesterday's announcement that the new device will only be available in the US and will not be offered in Canada for several months. Coming from a Canadian firm, this decision is rather strange to a Canadian consumer.

    Therefore, next week, I will be purchasing Mr. Job's new iPhone4 that Rogers already support. It was my second choice but it has become number 1 because I do not want to wait any further.

    I trust that you will forward my message to Top Management.

    Yours truly (for a week or two),

    Cell : 514 865-4683

  • Mediaworkx

    Tell it like it is @ Caspan

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