BlackBerry App World: Everything you wanted to know and weren’t afraid to ask (Part Three)


I’ve got three words and two numbers for you – BlackBerry App World™ 2.0! Okay, three words, two numbers, and an exclamation point. That’s not important right now. What is important is that if you’re in one of the 65 countries on this list, you can download BlackBerry App World 2.0 today! (You can check out this post for more details on App World 2.0.)

Today, I’ve gone through the forums in BlackBerry Beta Zone and put together some answers for the most frequently asked questions during our external beta.

The most frequently-asked question we get is: When are you going to introduce $0.99 apps? The answer is – today! Starting now, developers can price their apps starting at $0.99 plus tax and you’ll soon start seeing new apps in the catalog starting at $0.99 in the coming days.

Here are some more pressing questions from the forums:

Why do we have to enter our BlackBerry ID password each time we download an app?

You’re requested to log in with your BlackBerry ID for each download to ensure that it’s actually you who is downloading or purchasing an app. We’re extremely concerned about your data security and privacy!

When will other carriers be available for carrier billing?

We have really great carrier partners all across the globe and we’re working with them to offer expanded carrier billing options as soon as possible. Keep checking back to Inside BlackBerry for updates.

Will I still be able to get my apps if I switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone?

You bet! All you need to do is log in using your BlackBerry ID on your new BlackBerry smartphone, and all your previously purchased and downloaded apps will appear in My World. When you install the apps on your new BlackBerry smartphone, you’ll get updated license keys if required by the developer.

What are PayPal pre-approved payments?

When you set up PayPal® as your preferred payment method in BlackBerry App World 2.0, a billing agreement is created by you and Research In Motion®. This billing agreement allows you to make purchases in BlackBerry App World using PayPal without having to enter your PayPal username and password for each purchase.

We really appreciate everyone’s participation in the BlackBerry App World 2.0 Beta – and special thanks to the BlackBerry Beta Zone team for their awesome work in running the program! Head over to the Beta Zone today to register and participate in more exciting beta programs!

Have you tried the latest version of BlackBerry App World? Tell me what you think…

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