Inside the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700


Hi all! My name is Sanathan and I work on the Headset development team here at Research In Motion® (RIM) and I’m excited to tell you about the new BlackBerry® Wireless Headset HS-700. My team looked at where BlackBerry® smartphone users were using their devices and where they weren’t, and used that information to build a headset that makes BlackBerry smartphones accessible everywhere – and to enhance the experience in places where they’re already accessible.

So what’s so great about the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700? The HS-700 talks to you, listens to you, and works for you. Let me show you what I mean!

HS-700 Talks to You

After taking the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700 out of the box, you simply twist the earpiece to turn it on and it will start talking to you – guiding you through setup and how to pair the headset with your Blackberry smartphone.

Once connected, the HS-700 can speak to you in a variety of ways (see the Works for You section below for more). One neat new feature is that the HS-700 will tell you the name of an incoming caller when paired with a BlackBerry® 6 smartphone. No address book transfer to the headset is required, as the HS-700 stays constantly in sync with your BlackBerry smartphone. For BlackBerry smartphones not running BlackBerry® 6, the HS-700 will announce the phone number of the incoming call.

HS-700 Listens to You

The BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700 also supports voice commands. For example, after you’ve heard the name of the person calling, all you have to say is “answer” or “ignore” – there’s no need to press any buttons on the headset or your BlackBerry smartphone.

One other cool voice command is the “call last” command. It will call back the last person who called you while the headset was connected. It’s a great option for when you missed a call from your boss or family member and you need to reach them quickly.

You can also place a call, swap between calls, mute a call, redial, check battery status, and pair to another smartphone all with a simple voice command.

HS-700 Works for You

As I mentioned before, the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700 automatically syncs with your address book and helps you get set up right out of the box, but there are other ways the HS-700 works for you to help provide a more convenient calling experience. For example, HS-700 works with GPS mapping apps on your BlackBerry smartphone to provide turn-by-turn directions in your ear. Also, in addition to the advanced noise cancellation features in the HS-700, you might notice there’s no volume controls on the headset. That’s because the HS-700 will adjust the volume level automatically whether you’re walking down a noisy street or in a quiet office cubicle.

If you’re interested in a wireless headset for your BlackBerry smartphone, make sure to check out the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700 product page. If you’re already a wireless headset user, post a comment and let us know how and where you use it.


Post Corrections August 20th:

“…when paired with a BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6.0 enabled smartphone” was changed to “…when paired with a BlackBerry 6 smartphone”

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  • Funk4_u

    I am now using a Plantronics Voyager Pro 50. The device noise cancellation is great. The device is not as cute but It work great compare to other that I previously had. Is the HS-700 will be on par?

  • Jul

    Looking great!

  • Caspan

    It would be nice to be able to steal power from your device… That is the only thing I hate doing is pluging these things in. If i could just use my sync cable and plug the ear piece into the phone and have it charge up off the battery it would rock…

  • Ryan

    “One neat new feature is that the HS-700 will tell you the name of an incoming caller when paired with a BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6.0 enabled smartphone”

    Aren't all BlackBerry's Desktop 6.0 enabled???

  • Caspan

    I'm guessing they meant BlackBerry 6 smartphone.

  • Victor -NY

    Is the device compatible with non-blackberry devices such as HTC, Samsung or Motorola?

  • Rcastellanos

    how can i connect my device blackberry too HTC model?


  • ConvinceMe2stayW/BB

    Somebody at RIM (like the author, Sanathan) needs to respond to these questions if they want continued participation. Noise cancellation is a huge factor. Please address the readers questions.

  • Disappointed with BB

    I just bought the H 770. I am disappointed with the noise cancelling feature as it seems non existent. Reception is great on the user end but very poor on the receiver on the other end, especially compared with the Jawbone Hero. Plus is better fit and comfort in ear, but really disappointed overall.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Creazyrobin,

    I would suggest you speak with the manufacturer of your smartphone and see what support they may be able to offer.

  • Ugo

    Hello, I have a problem connecting my new HS 700 with my Nokia E71. I had no problems connecting this wireless device to my BB curve phone, but I cant seem to connect to my Nokia, pls advise.

  • Mferrerow

    I bought this fine piece. Wonderful. It´s like no other headset device I´ve used before. My only problem with it is that I live in South America and I speak spanish and the headset speaks english.

  • Devildogdad100

    Found the instructions a bit small to read. The voice command doesn’t work well while I’m driving with the window open, or if I’ve got the a/c on. It is constantly losing connection, and that’s with my phone on me. Would’t buy it again.

  • Allanguitar1234

    I just got a slightly used hs 700 all my frinds say that they hear a lot of back round noise when I am out and about. It is only quiet when I am in my house or in my car. It there something wrong?

  • Ginathr

    My earpiece broke off and even though I’ve only had it for three months I can’t get a replacement part.

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