How To Install BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0


Earlier this week we released BlackBerry® Desktop Software v6.0 for PC! Several new features have been added with this release, such as BlackBerry® Media Sync and support for Microsoft® Outlook® 2010
With this new version now available for download, I’m here to walk you through the installation and initial configuration.

The first thing we’ll want to do when installing any software is to ensure that the computer we plan on using meets the minimum requirements of BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0. To identify these requirements, we will need to reference the BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 release notes. After reviewing the release notes and confirming your system meets the minimum requirements, proceed to download BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 for PC users by visiting

Here’s an overview of the steps you will need to take:

1. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

2. The installation wizard will now appear. Click Next to start the installation of BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0.

3. You will then see a prompt to specify the installation folder. Let’s use the default, which is C:\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry Desktop – then click Next.

4. The next screen that appears is a prompt asking us if we want to add an icon to the Windows® desktop for BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0. Let’s keep the default option again, which is to create this icon, and select Next to start the installation process. At this point, the installation will start as illustrated below.

5. Once the installation process has completed, a screen will appear asking us if we want to start BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 after we close the installation wizard. Let’s keep the default again, and click Finish to complete the installation and launch BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0. At this point, you may receive a prompt to restart your computer; if prompted, select Yes.

6. BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 is now installed and ready for use! If you had to restart during step 5, launch BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 by clicking the icon that was placed on your Windows desktop during installation.

At this point, all that’s left is do is connect your BlackBerry® smartphone to your PC. So grab your trusty USB cable and let’s get started!

Since this is a new installation of BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 – and thus the first time a BlackBerry smartphone is connected with this new installation – the “Add a New BlackBerry Device” wizard will appear automatically as illustrated in the screenshot below.

To use the wizard, simply click on Get started with this device to configure your BlackBerry smartphone and the following screen will appear. (If you just bought a new device and you want to copy all the data and settings from your old one, you’ll have the option to do so here. If you do not have access to a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, select Don’t add the account at this dialog.)

The last screen in the Add a New BlackBerry Device wizard will prompt you to configure the various settings offered by BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0. Specify your desired options and click Finish to complete the “Add a New BlackBerry Device” wizard.

Congratulations! We have successfully installed BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 and configured our BlackBerry smartphone for use with it!

You can review the BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 User Guide to learn more about the included features and capabilities. This document will help you learn more about configuring organizer and media synchronization options.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback regarding your installation experience with BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 by leaving a comment on this post! Also, be sure to follow @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter for all your pressing inquiries.

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  • Khristopher Ranger

    It left the 5.0 software on my computer after installing this update. Shouldn’t it update over top of the 5.0 version, so that you don’t have two versions on your computer at the same time? I wasn’t sure what to do, but I uninstalled the 5.0 version.

  • Dabalot

    after install V6.0 I get an error message about intellisync when trying to set up my organizer options, email, calender ect… I have tryied everything… anti virus turn off, changing usb ports, uninstall, and reinstalling… nothing works.. have any suggestions????
    thanks.. don

  • macberry

    Looks great, but don’t forget about your mac user base. Not all of us use iphones!

  • Anonymous

    This is interesting, thanks for the clear guidelines! I actually use Syncables to sync the media from my BlackBerry to my computers, and it is loaded with other very useful features that go beyond simply syncing my BlackBerry’s media to my laptop. Set up was quite easy for me and it automatically syncs all of my important files, pictures, videos, and emails across each of my computers and my smartphone. I just thought I’d share my experience with it as I’ve found it to be the next level up from the native BlackBerry sync here.

  • Venu Kemthur

    User Guide Link has a “redirect loop” – please check.

  • Karel

    Version 6.0 looks nice, but its installation process contains a major blooper. It does not uninstall previous versions, and conflicts with them.
    RIM publishes various fixes to the problem involving manual Registry tweaking.
    My advice would be, wait for RIM to come out with a real fix, and continue to use version 5 which continues to function fine, even with version 6 sitting on top of it.

  • Bivy

    It seems like great software and it downloaded easily! I tried to configure settings with my address book, memo, and etc.. However, when it got to the drop down for the outlook profiles, there were none posted. I have Microsoft Office 07, and windows vista, and my email does go to my blackberry and my outlook does receive emails via a pop3 roadrunner account. So I have a profile, I receive emails on both my phone and outlook, however, it will not recognize the fact that i have an account. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. I’m considering reverting back to the old version 4 software. However, i like the options given here to sync and back up so much more!

    • Dejavu_dav

      Do you have an answer for this problem?


  • Karel

    The release of v6.0 must be a major embarrasment to RIM. The install wizzard does not remove previous versions and conflicts with them.
    Please note that the older version (5 in my case) miraculously continues to function with v 6.0 sitting on top of it.
    So don’t bother with the very complex and risky advice given elsewhere on this site involving manual uninstall of v 6.0 and registry manipulations. Just use version 5 until RIM have worked out a proper fix.

    • glebealyth

      Does the Install Wizard actually install anything?
      I have attempted to install this application about a half-a-dozen times and even Windows Search cannot find where it has been installed.

  • Andrew Rowley

    Going to download this now and do my backup on my 8900 even. 5.0 on it. Hope there are no issues.

  • dwtorch1

    I just picked up a Torch and downloaded Desktop 6.0. Desktop does not show Media as selectable option for the device. Also, it continues to give me the error that Mass Storage is not turned on for the device.

    • Anonymous


      On your BlackBerry if you go to Options> Memory, is Mass Storage Mode enabled?

  • Jamesbrowninmia

    0x80043ade error keeps popping up when i try to configure and sync with my tour and 2010 outlook.

  • Michael699k

    This is completely misleading. Again RIM has failed to help its users utilise Office 2010 64 bit which makes it unacceptable.

  • Installationsanleitung für die BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 |

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  • PK

    Does it work with the 64bit version of WIN7?

    When trying to setup the synchronize the organizer data i get the error code “0x80043ade”???

  • BlackBerry_Ty

    Thanks for letting us know Venu! For now, please use the following link to access the Desktop Software 6.0 documentation.

  • BlackBerry_Ty

    Hi PK,

    Windows 7 64 bit is supported for use with Desktop Software 6.0. What software are you trying to synchronize against that's causing this error to appear?

  • BlackBerry_Ty

    Hi Don,

    What kind of errors are you encountering? Don't forget to utilize the BlackBerry Support Forums located at if your looking for additional assistance.

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    Are you running Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit version? If so take a look at Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit version article here:

    Thank you

  • Karel

    Hi Ty,
    I am surprised that you are still offering the update to v6.0 on the BB site. Should you not withdraw it?
    There clearly is a major flaw in the installation process: it fails to remove previous versions of the BB desktop software. This leads to unhelpful error messages (like 'unknown error' etc.) and failure to synchronise with Outlook. This is not a user error, nor is it an isolated case. The software crashes on every PC that had version 5 installed. RIM is wasting a lot of customer time!

  • PK

    I'm trying to sync with outlook 2007

  • PK

    trying to sync outlook 2007….

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    At what point does the error message occur? What are you trying to synchronize?

    Thank you.

  • JavieRamireze

    Sorry, The Software v6.0. will be available for the 8900 model

  • Mark64119

    Setup in Windows XP Went without a problem

  • PK

    I don't even get the chance to synchronize.

    The error code “0x80043ade” appears when i try to configure the adjustments for synchronizing calender and contacts.

    Try to resest the adjustment occurs the same error…

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