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We’ve seen a lot of excitement from the community about BlackBerry® 6, and one of the new features I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about is Social Feeds. Since I worked on the Social Feeds app, I thought it would be great to talk about it in more detail with you. Social Feeds is designed to access and interact with your social networks including BlackBerry® Messenger® (BBM™), Facebook®, MySpace® and Twitter®.

When creating the Social Feeds application, we received inspiration from the part of BlackBerry smartphones that every user is likely familiar with – the Messages inbox. The Messages inbox provides a single point of access for all communications – email, texts, BBM, phone, and so on. One of the goals of the Social Feeds application was to create that same ‘BlackBerry inbox’ experience, but with a focus on social communications. As a result, Social Feeds is one single access point to stay on top of – and in touch with – all of your online social networks. Within the app you’ll see all of your friends’ latest Facebook status updates, tweets, BBMs and more (like your favorite RSS feeds).


Once you are in the Social Feeds application, your first choice is to decide what you want to view. Using the top navigation bar, you can toggle between the Social and RSS views, or filter down within the Social or RSS view for specific sources (for example, filter by Facebook or Twitter or MySpace items for the Social view, or different RSS feeds in the RSS view). Clicking on a specific social status update will take you directly into that social network’s application on your BlackBerry smartphone, and clicking on a specific RSS post will take you directly to that content via the BlackBerry® Browser.

One of my favorite features in Social Feeds is the ability to quickly and easily update all your social statuses at once. I’ve found it really simplifies managing my overall social presence. With this feature, I can write one update and then post it to as many different networks as I’d like, simply by selecting “New Post” from the Social Feeds menu and choosing which social networks I want to send my update to.

We’ve also worked hard to deeply integrate the communications and information from the Social Feeds app into your BlackBerry Contacts list. Simply by clicking on a contact’s name, you can see all the latest notifications and communications you’ve had with them (note: this feature requires users to allow automatic contact syncing in Facebook, and manual contact syncing for Twitter, MySpace and BlackBerry Messenger).

It’s been really exciting to work on the team creating a new ‘core’ social application for BlackBerry smartphones. One of my favorite things about the Social Feeds project (aside from creating the app!) was that I got to work with a number of different teams across Research In Motion® (RIM) and meet a number of new people – more new friends to check up on using Social Feeds!

Please post a comment and let us know what you think about Social Feeds, and which social networks you use daily. We hope you feel that Social Feeds is as useful for integrating your social networking as the Messages inbox is for integrating your daily communications.

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  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel

    This is one of my favorite features it is soooo coool and so easy to use. I use it all the time 🙂

    • Corleone

      I have the torch and my social feeds is refusing to update, can anyone help? tks

  • Rickbumpus

    I love it, despite seeing some warnings it would be too busy. I have noticed a couple of times this week when there would be long gaps of twitter in the Social Feeds, but when I went to the Twitter app, they would show up.

  • Alex Kinsella

    My favourite thing to share on Social Feeds is when I find a great app in BlackBerry App World! I love that Sean used my contact card in this post – and I still need coffee.

  • Adam

    I love Social Feeds, the only exception would be to allow you to group RSS feeds based on content, topic, etc. Or be able to sync with Google Reader.

  • Chris Wögi

    I think the 4 used networkes are the right one, but I'm afraid the app isn't able to update a facebook page status.

  • Caelenthya

    I love the social feeds in os6. For some reason my facebook no longer show up in social feeds. How do I re-add it to show up there?

  • Kyle Manuel

    I like the social feeds app to keep up with contacts, especially facebook. It's how most of my family keeps up with each other since we're spread around the world. I have to keep up with industry news for my business and I like to read the local news all in my RSS feeds next-door. I was a huge Viigo user and I miss my p/n to navigate. Now that I have the torch, it would be nice to swipe left-r/ght for next/previous.

  • Antd

    i deleted social feeds from bb….how do i get it back please anyone?!

  • Caspan

    I like the feature but one thing that drive me nuts and forced me to remove Facebook from it was the darn thing buzzing every 15 minutes to let me know one of my 498 friends on Facebook wrote something on their wall. I got bored of it quite quickly. I don't know maybe I am just old or maybe I have too many people on Facebook that I just really don't care about their status updates to read it every 15 minutes.

    Am i the only one with this issue. Is there a way to say only let me know about a certain group in Facebook or are you stuck with everyone.

    • Nitya umat

      U didnt have to remove facebook bcoz of that. u could have just stopped it from notifying u very time some one wrote something. YOU can do that from your profile settings

  • Caspan

    Also is it just me but why do I get only my Calendar and Phone on this list? I don't see any of my social feeds. Did I turn a feature off somewhere? LOL

  • Jswst4

    I am upset that there is now two working OS out there. I feel like Blackberry is turning into Windows. I hate the exclusivitity agreements that are being formed. I am upset with the fact that Blackberry 6 is not being released to the Storm 2. I wanted the phone because it had corrected alot of the issues from the original Storm. I am somewhat happy with the current OS but the updates with OS 6 would make the phone a competitive phone for the current market of smartphones. Even if you had to diable the click to have the upgrade, I am ok with that. The update is worth that much for us users. We don't want to have to switch cellular companies each time an update comes out for us to get the latest update.

  • Ryan Sosebee

    Will OS 6 be available for the Storm 2?

    • Hardened

      Storm 2 is almost a year old and thus end of life. TIME to upgrade to the Torch or await for its rebirth in a new device. STOP asking for an OS that cannot support old hardware and was never intended nor promised for it. I see this kind of post all the time; and the Storm 2 is a great looking device but its SurePress may go against what the BB6 aims to offer … we’ll see though.

  • Bruno

    O O.S. 6 estará disponível para qualquer modelo de Blackberry? Por exemplo , os modelos 8310, 8100, etc .. apoiar esta versão?

  • hari

    where are the themes for blackberry 6?

  • Christian

    When will this OS will be available for the BB 9700? Is there a way to download it already?

    • Heyllojello

      its been leaked and its great!!

  • Steve

    Is it possible to use the Social Feeds app via 3rd party apps – e.g. send messages a la SuperApp integration like the integration that is available with email, sms , calendar, notepad and tasks etc?

  • Steve

    Is it possible to use the Social Feeds app via 3rd party apps – e.g. send messages a la SuperApp integration like the integration that is available with email, sms , calendar, notepad and tasks etc?

  • Globalpearl

    facebook disappeared on my social feed of my blackberry torch. how to add it back to the application list?

    • BlackBerryHelp_Corey


      Take a look at this article on how to add additional applications to Social Feeds:

      • Dwatt1

        I did this, and both Facebook and Twitter are in the Application Management section. But once I go to Social Feeds, they aren’t there to select under intergrated applications. Any other suggestions?

  • iLuLu

    When I post to twitter and facebook via social feed my updates show up on facebook but not on twitter!

  • Jordan Neo

    I do like the Social Feeds application. It makes RRS articles easy to read and navigate between with on-screen gestures. However, there are some features that I notice are lacking and would like to see in a future upgrade:
    – ability to have read articles show differently than unread articles
    – ability to save articles
    – ability to mark articles as read (individual or “mark prior read”)
    – ability to select the title text for copying
    – full text of articles (there are some articles that I’m sure are truncated at source, and I know there are some that i used to get in full with Viigo that are truncated with Social Feeds.


    • Pep

      I’ll add the option to download the articles (not only the title) and read them offline, as Viigo used to do.

  • Deejay

    when will it be available for the bold 9700 ? is it coming to other blackberry phones or not ?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Deejay,

      Support for OS 6 will be determined at a later date. Keep an eye on for updates

      Hope this helps.

  • Ari Pilakoutas

    This makes me with that my Bold 9700 had OS 6.0 right now :/

  • Andy Empire

    I unlocked BBtorch to Tmobile and i notice that the social feed icon desapeared, how can i download it again

    • BlackBerryHelp_Corey

      Hey Andy,

      You will to re-load the operating system since it is only with BlackBerry 6 and not as a stand-alone product.

      • Hardened

        WRONG … its part of the firmware but its NOT part of the core apps – thus you CAN uninstall or Re-Install it by selecting it when you goto Applications from Desktop Manager.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Corey

      Hey Andy,

      You will to re-load the operating system since it is only with BlackBerry 6 and not as a stand-alone product.


    blackberry should update the social feeds application on blackberry 6 and add flickr and foursquare. I just downloaded the socialscope application and they have way more social network you can add to stay update in one app. social feeds 1.0 is a good start but I’m now waiting for social feeds 2.0. Come on RIM lets push out these updates.

  • Chris Xcsh

    Since I upgraded ffacebokk to sociaL feed doesn’t find the facebook app any more

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