What does this icon on my BlackBerry home screen mean?


What icons are these?

(Curious about all the how-to/help content on Inside BlackBerry recently? All will be revealed soon — but as a hint, there’s something coming to our happy blog family a little later in September. Stay tuned, and for now enjoy another informative post from Ty! – ed.)

Have you ever encountered an icon along the top banner of your BlackBerry® smartphone home screen notifying you that something has arrived, but you don’t exactly know what the icon is for? If so, let me show you how to identify what the icon means!

The first thing we need to do is find a useful resource that outlines the purpose of each notification icon. This can be achieved by visiting the BlackBerry Product Documentation website and reviewing the documentation available for your specific BlackBerry smartphone. Listed below is an example of the icon definitions for Message List items that I obtained after reviewing the BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone ‘Start Here’ guide:

What do these icons mean?

The icons above are just a few of the notification icons you may receive on your BlackBerry smartphone. In the event that you encounter one you are not familiar with, review your BlackBerry smartphone user guide at http://docs.blackberry.com – this will help you determine the icon’s meaning. It is possible for add-on applications to produce notifications icons, such as Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones and Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones. If an icon is displayed that you cannot identify even after reviewing the user guide, please reference the BlackBerry Device Software thread at BlackBerry Support Forums.

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  • http://twitter.com/Peatee53 Pete Przyszlak

    You got voicemail!!

  • Guest

    Is there a way to get LED and/or audible voicemail notifications back in OS 5? I know this post was about icons, but I saw the VM icon highlighted in your graphic and got very excited for a second. Is it true that this is a Sprint-only issue?

    • Anonymous


      The VM notifications come through as SMS messages. Make sure you change your SMS notifications in the sound/profiles screen. http://bbry.lv/dzZ0C2

      Thank you

  • Ryan Sosebee

    Will OS 6 be available for the Storm 2?

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    I got a gold Browser icon one day in my notification area and it took me forever to figure out it was a application install link sent to my messages folder. It drove me nuts for 2 days as my Messages folder is hidden by myself.

    My suggestion to RIM is this… people don't have time to remember what icons mean or people are new to BlackBerry and don't have a clue what they are. We are quite smart but were busy! In BlackBerry 6 all the notification show above the social feeds drop down. I hope this is set as a standard location for all notification icons and forces all application to show their alerts here. This way RIM can simplify our life, if an alert shows you can click the drop down and it will show at the top of the list with a description that can be clicked. The program would launch that generated the notification and you have your message! No more hunting for the program, just point and click and in two taps of the screen you have the message up. Simple sweet and no more mystery icons!

    RIM likes to promote SuperApps that integrate into the OS, this would be a good way to allow programmers to make an application with notification icons that turn it into a SuperApp.

    • Sarahkirkbright

      Aaaaahhh, thank you very much, this has been bugging me for days!

    • Nicole

      THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks so much for posting this. I too had that icon and because of your message I can rest easy because it’s gone. You’re a stress saver!!

  • Iesha101

    I was wondering the same thing…when I upgraded to my 9650 from my 8330, I lost that feature (and I liked it)!

    • Anonymous


      The VM notifications come through as SMS messages. Make sure you change your SMS notifications in the sound/profiles screen. http://bbry.lv/dzZ0C2

      Thank you

  • Kristy Kim

    I'm having the same problem as you; i have a gold browser icon on my home screen and was wondering how to get it off?

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Do you have your “Messages” icon hidden? If so you have to do a search for it but then just open it and in there should be a PIN message with a link in it. Once you open the PIN message this icon should go away. Don't click the link unless you were expecting it 🙂

    Let me know if this helps

  • Pjay

    What does (-2) stand for Beside my email address under the text message icon on my home sreen of my Storm?

  • Zaid

    why does my blackberry have a WEB ICON on the wallpaper screen. PLS HELP

  • Larry Frontz

    I have “1IM” on my screen, I can not figure out the way to get rid of it?

  • Meganvdw1

    Hi there, what does a circle with a down arrow a red dot on the top of arrow and a number 1 in front mean

    • http://caspan.com Caspan

      Normally this is a grey circle if I am thinking about the one you are talking about. Normally this is App World update is what I normally see for that. Open your App World and open you my World and see if there is anything with a red star on it.

  • Sophie-x-harper

    i have one at the top of my homescreen and its ike the internet symbol but without the yellow arrow around it and it has a 1 next to it.
    i dont know what it is?
    how do i get rid of it?
    pleasee helppp!!!!

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Sophie-x-harper,

      The yellow globe indicates a browser push notification. Check in your Messages folder for an item with a Globe beside it.


      • srikant

        its become 2 now.. cant find any message with a globe next to it.. should i delete all the messages in my inbox?thanks in advance

  • Dryden

    What does the EN in the top Right corner mean, it comes and goes. And my phone seems reeeeeeally slow.

    • http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/95796 BlackBerryHelp_Thomas

      Hello Dryden,

      Try going to Options – Language and setting the Language ID to “Hide” then re-insert your battery. Also, what do you see for File Free under Options – Status?


    • Jess

      I am having the same problem and can not figure how to get rid of it. I have the Torch 9800

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Dryden,

      This icon shows up when you switch language input support.

      To remove it, you can back up your BlackBerry data and do a security wipe shown in http://bit.ly/di72gD then restore your data.


  • Mmhockeystar6

    my phone broke so my friend gave me her old blackberry but my mom told me not to use the internet on my blackberry. does it still cost money even though i dont use the internet

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Mmhockeystar6,

      For questions relating to billing or charges, it is best to ask your mobile carrier.


      • Srikantnarap

        I got a gold Browser icon one day in my notification area .have tried everything. Pls help

  • Eevans0142

    On my blackbery bold I have an Icon that is the number 1 in front of the blackberry icon. Can anyone tell me what this means

  • Amy

    I have a gold phone with a crooked arrow on my home sreen What is that

    • BlackBerryHelp_Corey

      Hi Amy,

      This could mean you have a missed call. Open up your phone application and it should display the recent incoming and outgoing phone calls.

  • Sgmackay

    my son deleted my messages icon. how do I get it back?

    • bbhelp_cynthia

      Hey Sgmackay,

      Make sure the icon isn’t hidden. Try following this article to unhide any hidden icons. http://bbry.lv/9CUWav If the icon doesn’t reappear, try resending your service books. http://bbry.lv/99SL8c

  • Stevepharriram

    What does a circle with a cross in the middle of it mean?? and there are 3 curvy lines next to it

  • Len

    I have a round cornered rectangle with five small squares from the top left corner of the rectangle running down to the bottom right hand corner appearing on my screen whenever I make a call.It’s top right of the screen just above the speaker symbol for “sounds”. Any idea what it signifies?

  • banana

    I was wondering, wha ta empty bubble means? There is sometimes a little number before it

  • Tickner11

    hi i have a yellow world it looks like on the top of my home screen what is that

  • Brennon Welch

    I have an icon with what looks to be a dollar sign with a yellow triangle… anyone know what it means?

  • lololala

    hi i got an icon up there like i have one when i get a new message.. but it doesnt go away!!
    its like the browser icon in small… but its always there and i dont know why aand i dont get it away

  • Walmartin

    Does anyone know what the message icon with the small blackberry logo beside it is? It’s not in any of my manuals and it’s not anywhere on here..it’s driving me insane

    I have the Style

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