Organizing your inbox’s main Messages list


A little while ago, Ty talked about easy email setup tips for your BlackBerry® smartphone. Today, we’re going to go over some of the different options you have when organizing your main messages list on your BlackBerry smartphone.

If you have multiple email accounts on your BlackBerry smartphone, you have likely noticed two things:

  1. Each email address account on your BlackBerry smartphone has a separate icon.
  2. Emails from all your accounts also appear within the main messages list. If you are on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, these messages will also appear within this list, as will SMS/MMS texts and other notifications. This enables you to have all notifications accessible from one central messages list.

However, with BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 or above, you have some options to help you customize what appears within the main message list. If you want to customize what is accessible from the main messages list, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click any of your email icons.
  2. Click the Full Menu (BlackBerry emblem) button.
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Options.
  4. Scroll to and click Inbox Settings.
  5. Uncheck any accounts that you do not want to show in your main messages icon.

Note: If you uncheck everything, the only types of messages that will still show up in the main Messages icon are PIN messages and notifications from apps like BlackBerry® Messenger, Facebook®, Twitter®, or any other applications with an option to integrate with the main Messages list (sometimes referred to as Inbox integration).

Users with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or above also have a separate email icon specifically for accessing messages from an email account associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

If you don’t have BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 you can easily check for available updates for your device at

Let us know if you have other suggestions or questions on how to organize your messages!

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  • Sachin Jain

    I really miss the option to change the color of different mailboxes.

  • Krychaj Pl


  • BlackBerry_Ty

    Hi Sachin Jain,

    To specify different colors for email messages based on which email account they arrived on, review the following knowledge base article.

    Enable or disable background colors for email messages on the BlackBerry device

  • Thogek

    I see this also discussed at However, I cannot find any “Main Message List Settings” or “Inbox Settings” option within the “Messages > Options” menu on my BlackBerry 9700 with v5.0.0.405. Am I missing something?

  • Sachin Jain

    Thanks for your reply. Using this you can differentiate only between enterprise messages and other messages. I mean only 2 colors are available. As now I am not on BES and using 5 email accounts on BIS, it doesn't give me an option to choose different background colors for each of my account.

  • Sachin Jain

    It seems 'Inbox settings' option is not available in all the builds, why don't you upgrade the OS.

    • Tim Smiley

      I’m using a Blackberry 9700 (bold) with v5.0.0.602 and I also do not have the icon. I’v been racking by brain over this one as I see others in the office with the icon and they are able to separate their Email boxes. When checking for updates, there are no more recent updates to install. What ver. are others usng that are having this issue.

      • Anonymous


        Do you see “Main Message List Settings” instead?

  • Srw

    I have the same BB, and I cannot find it either- is this a BES setting not available in BIS?

  • Sachin Jain

    Upgrade your OS to the latest Official build available and you will have this option 😉

  • Caspan

    Exactly You have to open a message first to see what the border color is. I would love to see the ability to change the shade color of the message in the messages list. Example, SMS is yellow, Facebook is blue, BES emails are red etc… The coloring is nice to know once you read a message what account it came from but to be forced to open the message to find that out is a pain.

  • kayleigh2

    Just wanted to say good work before i i forget.

  • Skwms24

    I installed v5 on my BB Bold (9000) loved the look & feel, the fact that there's a separate icon for my corp e-mail, but the phone would not ring after the install. Is there a fix? I want to go back to v5, but I need to know when the phone is ringing.

  • icel mayo

    just got my blackberry bold9700 and i dont know the activation password..can anyone tell me how to activate this enterprise activation? im a prepaid user.

    • bbhelp_cynthia

      If you are doing an enterprise activation, you will need to obtain the activation password from your IT department.

  • Magic1295

    What in the world are you talking about??? There is no Inbox Settings or Main Message List Setting anywhere on my BB 9700 latest v Unbelievable hassle to separate my BES emails…it shouldn’t be too hard for you guys to accommodate millions of customers with a special BES mail icon.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Magic1295,

      When you are in your Messages folder, if you hit the Menu key and go to Options, you should see an Inbox Settings.

      Do you see a separate Desktop Icon on your main screen? It is an envelope with a briefcase to the front.

      • Arash Rashed

        i dont want to see my facebook and etc msgs in my inbox , how can i ?i try going to inbox settings and i just tick on my email account but i still see all facebook and etc in my message box. pld advice

      • Anonymous


        Navigate to Facebook for BlackBerry application press menu key-Options-uncheck the messages integration and save.Remove the battery to restart.

        Thank you

  • Kerngeorgekg

    I just used to go on the normal browser for facebook and my inbox messages used to come in normal>>>i decided to download blackberry for bold and i don’t get my notifications in messages no longer>>>>could somebody help me please

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Kerngeorgekg,

      To add Facebook notifications to your Messages folder, go into your Facebook application. Hit your Menu key and select Options. In this screen, you want to check mark “Connect to BlackBerry Message Application”. Save the changes and now your Facebook messages should be coming in your Messages folder.


  • Northgat

    Thanks, already did that, which cleaned up the ‘inbox’ a bit.
    But is there no permanent way to prevent sent messages from clogging up the message box? Doing Alt-i each time is a bit Neanderthal, not to mention annoying and unproductive.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Northgat,

      You can hide your sent email by going to Messages>Menu>Options>General Settings.

  • Anonymous

    Hey JustGist,

    The “Hide Sent Messages” option can not be customized.

  • Chris

    What if I don’t have the option “inbox settings” in my options list???

  • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

    Hello Russmckenna,

    Are you referring to the Gmail account grouping emails in a conversation? If so, you can have more lines displayed (up to 4) so when you click into a conversation, you can see more of the email.

    In your Message folder, hit the Menu key and select Options. Click on Enhanced Gmail Plug-in Options and change the lines in conversation.

  • Prof_Phil

    In my inbox for my gmail account, I am seeing all my deleted items with a yellow star, and the senders name replaced with the phrase (0 items). This includes items i delete in my gmail account on a computer. This started happening a day ago…it was integrating wirelessly just fine before. Any idea what setting might cause this change?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Prof_Phil,

      I suggest that you check with Gmail for more information on this. This sounds like it would be a configuration in the Gmail webmail client.

  • Luch

    How do I activate the MMS messages if I cant see them in the main message list settings ? it only says SMS.

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