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In part one of our overview of Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones, we went through some of the basic functionality for using the mobile Twitter app on your BlackBerry® smartphone – how to log in, how to post a Tweet, and so on. Here, we’re going to go a little bit deeper and show you how to view your profile, follow other Twitter users, change your notification options, and more.

Let’s get started with part two!

Twitter Profiles

View your profile:

Viewing your profile is useful when you want to make sure your info is up to date. It also displays your entire personal timeline of Tweets.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click My Profile.

Change your profile picture and information:

If you need to change anything in your profile – your picture included – it can be done right in the My Profile section.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click My Profile.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Edit My Profile.
5. Do any of the following:
a) Beside your profile picture, click Change. Click a picture.
b) Type your new profile information.
6. Click Update.

View a person’s profile:

Want to check out a specific Twitter user’s info and a timeline of their Tweets? Here’s how you do it:

1. To view the profile of a person you follow or a person that follows you, press the Menu key. Click My Profile. Click Following or Followers. Click a profile picture.
2. To view the profile of another person, press the Menu key and click Search. Type your search criteria, then press the Enter key. Click a profile picture.

Twitter Interaction

Follow/Unfollow a person:

If there’s a particular user on Twitter that you want to keep up with, it’s as easy as Following them in your timeline. Likewise, if you decide you don’t want to Follow a specific user any longer, you can Unfollow them with almost the same procedure:

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click Find People.
3. Type a person’s name or user name.
4. Highlight a person’s profile picture.
5. Press the Menu key.
6. Click Follow (or Unfollow).

Block/unblock a person:

If you’ve already Unfollowed a user and you want to go even further, you can block specific Twitter users from following you or viewing your timeline. If you ever want to reverse this decision, you can Unblock them at this screen as well.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click Find People.
3. Type a person’s name or username.
4. Press the Enter key.
5. Click the person’s profile picture.
6. Click Block (or Unblock).

View people that Follow you:

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click My Profile.
3. Click Followers.

View people that you follow:

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click My Profile.
3. Click Following.

View tweets that mention you:

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click Mentions.

Twitter Notification Options

Change your notification options:

This is useful if you want to start or stop receiving notifications on your BlackBerry smartphone device’s Home Screen.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click Options.
a) To stop receiving a notification on the Home Screen of your device when there are new tweets posted in your tweet timeline, clear the Notify on new Tweets checkbox.
3. To stop receiving notifications in the messages application, clear the Include Twitter Messages in the BlackBerry Messages Application checkbox.

Change your timeline refresh options:

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Click Options.
a) To refresh your tweet timeline automatically, select the Automatic Tweet Refresh check box.
b) To change how often your tweet timeline is refreshed, change the Refresh Tweets Every: field.

That’s it for today! We’ll go even further into Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones in the next installment of this series. But for now, do you have any additional questions about Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones functionality that you’d like answered? Please post a comment.

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  • J.B.

    Hi, I'm sorry if this a dumb question, I have the latest version installed on my BB ( but I dont have the same screen in options neither the “automatic refresh” option. Is there something I need to do in order to have that? Kind Regards.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Scott

      Are you looking under Options on the main screen or pressing the menu key within the Twitter application and going to options?

      If so try reinstalling the application over the air via on your BlackBerry Browser.


  • JJRoberts

    Excellent. Twitter is on fire in my opinion….anyone been able to check out the “New Twitter”? From what I'm hearing, it looks a lot like the iPad Twitter app. I think it's gonna drag a lot of TweetDeck/Seesmic/name-your-favorite-3rd-party-Twitter-client users on over to the web version of Twitter. However, as Wired wrote recently with “The Web Is Dead”…I personally use Twitter almost exclusively on my BlackBerry. All mobile all the time.

  • BBIndia Forums

    Great article.

  • JACK

    The new Blackberry Twitter version is failing to open link from tweets with trackball, preview version its working fine

  • chri$

    Does this new version has geo-tagging on tweets?

  • BlackBerryHelp_Pavel


    This is not a feature of the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphone

    Thank you

  • BlackBerryHelp_Scott

    You can do this by pressing the 5/D Key

    For a list of all the shortcuts check out this post on our support forums:


  • Joanna

    So.. I just got my BB… but my baby sister went on and installed HER twitter account on my phone… how can I undo this? I mean setting MY account to my phone.. I can’t seem to find some kind of log out, log in with a different account option… help, please

    • BlackBerryHelp_Corey

      Hello Joanna,

      Open Twitter for BlackBerry, then press the menu key and select options. Click on Log Out. This will log your sister out of the account.

  • helena

    i can’t sign in. when i press the sign in button it says that the username/password combination provided is incorret. but when i sign in uber twitter i can open it -_- please help

    • Anonymous

      Try uninstalling, and reinstalling the Twitter for BlackBerry application, then try logging back in.

  • Ereda Totaj

    i need help am trying to change ma pic and info on twitter on ma bb but when i press change it keeps saying url invalid what does that mean? help!

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Ereda Totaj,

      If you try to change your picture on a computer, do you get the same error message?


  • Vinsonromeo

    I changed my twitter profile name using the pc. Now my blackberry did not pick up the update and is still posting my old profile name with an error “user does not exist”. I can’t also post pictures from my blackberry now. HELP!

    • BlackBerryHelp_Heather

      Hello Vinsonromeo,

      Log out of Twitter by going to your Menu>Options. Then sign in with your new username.

      • Mwbeeby

        I have this same problem and the provided solution does not work. I have also tried wiping my device and reinstalling the OS.

  • StuartH

    This is a good app but I can’t tweet when a photo is attached. I continuously get the error “twitter services are currently unavailable”. If I remove the photo from the tweet it posts straight away – any hints? I’ve turned off ‘connect via Wireless” as well so that it always tries to use 3G.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Thomas

      Hello StuartH,

      Can you please tell us what you show for Signal Strength under Options-Status? Does it work if you are very near a WiFi hotspot and you have WiFi enabled?


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