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Before I came to Research In Motion® (RIM), I was the publisher of a small local magazine that kept me running around from early morning till late at night. I was so swamped with tasks every day that I felt like I didn’t even have time to investigate ways that I could save myself time or make the business more money. It was a strange predicament to be in – I loved what I was busy with, but I just felt so bogged down!

Yet instead of having to block hours of time at the beginning, middle and end of my day to respond to email, return calls, update our social media and review proofs, I COULD have done all of those things when I had a free moment before a journalist arrived or a customer was ready to chat with me. What I know now is that this is a common issue with many Small and Medium-sized business owners – ones who are balancing so many different roles in a day.

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