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BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) allows you to communicate quickly with your friends. And thanks to message indicators on BBM that let you know when your message has been sent, delivered and read by your friends, there are no worries about getting your message across!

Getting started on BlackBerry Messenger

First, find the BBM icon on the ‘all’ window of the home screen.

  • The first thing you will be asked for is a display name. This is the name that other people will see you as in their contact list.
  • You will then be asked to associate your BlackBerry Messenger account with your own contact in your address book. If you don’t already have one set up to choose from, you can create one easily.

You’re now ready to get started with BBM.

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  • Onefinegirl10

    Does anyone know how to display the date and time during a chat in BBM? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Anonymous

      Type “LD”- Local Date or “LT”- Local Time then hit space to insert it into a message.

  • huny

    how to download bbm

  • Caaitlin

    Emm I can’t work the bbm it’s really annoying!!:)xx

  • Spud

    can anyone help where do i register my imei & pin for bbm?? i’m just going around in circles on bb web sites

  • 222bk222bk

    I want to know if bbm works with new play book

  • Paulfmillen

    i cant add anyones pin but they can add me obviously im doing something wrong but dunno what

  • Anonymous


    I suggest that you contact your wireless provider to ensure that you have the right data plan to use Facebook. Also notify them that you are having SMS issues, the should be able to assist with that.

  • Sjf707

    If BBm could communicate with any other Chat platform, i would dump my blackberry in a heart beat.. My damn friends wont download any other apps

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