How to wirelessly update your BlackBerry to the latest available software version


In order to get the most out of your BlackBerry® smartphone experience, I highly recommend making sure your device software is up-to-date. In this post, I’ll be specifically talking about how to update the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone, but the steps below can be used to upgrade other BlackBerry smartphones as well. Let’s get started!

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    I wish that was true, at least it would be interesting.

  • Yokoe-wei

    excuse me . can anyone teach me how to download the facebook , twitter , blog , to my phone ?? i cant get it .. =(

  • Austin

    I’m trying to update my software on my blackberry bold 9000, but I’m having a problem. When I go to advanced options it dosn’t come up with the “wireless upgrade” option, can someone help me?!?

    • Anonymous


      Try to go through the following clean application load process: Also make sure you test before restoring any backup.

      Thank you

  • frustrated

    I’ve been with T-Mobile in the UK for years. They told me that I woulod be able to upgrade my Blackberry to the Torch when it comes out. Its out now and when I phoned up they told me that T-mobile has no intention of having the Torch as one of their products. Really annoying as one of the reasons I went with new contract was on that basis. I now have to mess about changing from T-mobile because they aren’t doing the Torch. Can someone let me know why T-mobile has taken this strategy. T-mobile tech support, customer services and the various shops all seem confused.

  • Gharcher2

    I have my contacts saved to an excel spreadsheet is there anyway i can upload them to my blackberry torch besides manually?

  • Anonymous

    Have you given it a try? Tech support would not have the exact info you need when it comes to these specific details. They probably only know the main product functions. Give it a try, it might work!

  • Anonymous

    I have seen this option for a long time and finally I got it working recently (maybe in Oct/Nov, 10). I forgot which BB I was testing but I remember it worked *surprisingly* well!

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