DEVCON10 Developer Blog Round-Up


Our sister site, the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog, was all over the place covering BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 last week (with some great follow up content this week too!). While you may have seen some of their content on Inside BlackBerry already, such as the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement and BlackBerry Tablet OS interview with Dan Dodge, we wanted to dedicate an entire post to highlighting their efforts. In addition to the BlackBerry Developer Round-Up video above, you’ll find a bunch of great videos and post links after the jump. If you’re not already a BlackBerry developer, you’ll want to be after checking out these posts!

Announcement Posts

The BBM Social Platform
Platform Services Galore!
The Open Source BlackBerry Facebook SDK

Great DEVCON 2010 Videos

DEVCON10 Between Two Bean Bags: Mike Kirkup and Tyler Lessard

DEVCON10 foursquare interview with Pete Nofelt

DEVCON10 Community Connections

Developing Themes for BlackBerry 6

BlackBerry WebWorks and the Open Source Community

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  • Croon

    WOw nice comments 😀

  • Davy

    So what’s going on with the playbook give-away for app devs?

  • Ania

    anyone….?whats PING!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ania,

      A ping is notifier that you can send to another user who is using BlackBerry Messenger. To send one, open a contact in BlackBerry Messenger and press the Menu Key and choose Ping.

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