BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad Comparison: Web Fidelity (VIDEO)



I know many of you are eager to see more of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ in action. I’m excited to share the above video with you that we filmed with Matthew from the web browser group here at RIM, which demonstrates how the web browsing experience is coming together on the PlayBook.

On the video, Matthew quickly runs through a series of comparison tests with a PlayBook and iPad (running iOS 3.2.2), which demonstrate three things: the speed of the PlayBook Browser, its support for rich Adobe® Flash® content, and the performance of open web standards like HTML 5 on the PlayBook. Post a comment and let us know what you think!

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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  • Matt Galo

    Wow, nice job, RIM.

  • Ronen

    Ballsy move. I love it! You know that the second the PlayBook is released it will be compared anyways. Way to take charge of the conversation!

  • Tim Breadner

    I have a new 3G iPad….drives mu nuts that it does not have Flash. What a waste of money!!!

    • Tim's Advocate


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  • Mārtiņš Stankevičs

    Looks better and better, but why the loong time to get to this device… 😦

  • Joaquín Magneres

    Nice job on HTML5, RIM. 😀

  • andrewhellin

    awesome video! RIM keep it up! I wish this was available for holliday season – i’d pick up 3 of em for my family

    • nameless wonder

      WHAT?? This won’t be ready for the 2010 holiday season. SUX

  • Nick Valentino

    CAN – NOT – WAIT

  • Rocmon

    wow, soooo sweet – I hope this arrives on my Torch at some point 🙂

  • Caspan

    Make me a samich……..
    Make me a samich!!!!!!……..

    Both failed the Caspan is hungry test LOL Comparison videos are awesome would love to see some from Apples perspective. Nice to see both sides. Great job RIM cant wait to use this device. I am hollowing out the spot in my car dash for me to mount it as we speak! (I wish)

  • Simon Sage


    • Mauricio E.T.

      More like pwned ;-). Good stuff RIM!

  • nonbeliever

    Amazing work! Go RIM, go. Bring down the sky high ego of “you know who I am talking about”.

  • divinelove

    This out today:

    “Dare I say it, the PlayBook tablet might be a sign of trouble at Research In Motion. Are the target customers still the mobile executive that wants devices that serve email reliably, promptly, and securely? Or are they kids who want to play games and message friends? Judging by what the PlayBook has to offer, it’s awfully hard to say.”

    I think RIM may need some help in learning what play is all about. I have been trying to contact someone about the National Institute for Play and our neuroscience of play and its applications.

    Kristen Cozad
    Director of Development
    National Institute for Play

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  • Rihan

    Awesome. i am just waiting for it to buy one. Too GOOD move from RIM

  • Cynthiajones

    when will it be available and at what cost?

  • Simon

    Will the Playbook have BBM? chuck that in and i’ll instantly jump ship. I am bored of the same old Apple products and your product looks amazing, oh an portable 🙂

    • Caspan

      It will have every thing your BlackBerry does. It wirelessly connects to bring your BlackBerry screen to the PlayBook or to bring data from your phone. Also it uses your phones plan and does not require its own plan….

      • Phil Leazer

        Does anyone have a planned release date for the Playbook?

  • Pmulder

    Looks great. Where and when can I buy one in Alberta? Can they be pre-purchased now?

    • Gil Elegado

      I thinks it to be released early 2011 if I’m not mistaken….Edmonton, AB?

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  • Gil Elegado

    Looks great! You gotta love a device that supports flash and is not just, “flash”-y. Is the price still set to be under $500?

    -Blackberry Enthusiast

  • Fletcheroliver3

    wow!I would love to own one.I am willing tobe one of the ones to test the playbook down my way.

  • divinelove

    Tony Hsieu built Zappos on “Delivering Happiness”. RIM could build PlayBook on “delivering Play”.

    Play? What is valuable about play in a culture that trivializes it and relegates it as children’s work? We stamp play out of life, eliminate recesses, tell employees to get to work and stop goofing off.

    We are looking for a company that wants to identify itself as the Innovation through Play Company. You certainly have named a product using Play, but I dont think you guys have even a beginning knowledge of what Play is.

    Our Founder of the National Institute for Play teaches From Play to Innovation at Stanford’s Design School, and has collected over 6,000 play histories- from mass murderers to many Noberl Laureates.

    Play emanates from the reptilian brain as a survival force. The most playful wins! We have plenty of neuroscience on play deprivation and its consequences.

    You have named a big product after PLAY. Dont you think you better know what play is and how you might use it for marketing?

    If you dont want to learn about Play and take up its banner, that is fine. Another Company will and your opportunity will be lost forever to be identified with the newly emerging science of play.

    We have contacted your company numerous times and have heard nothing back.

    Kristen Cozad
    National Institute for Play

    • Playbook Fan

      The Name is PlayBook and in sports terms, it describing plays that a player or team may run in games. It is also used in the BUSINESS world as a term to describe STRATEGIES that the firm is going to employ.

      There’s a time and place for Pure PLAY but looks like your institute is taking the use of PLAY a little too seriously.

      • divinelove

        “There’s a time and place for Pure PLAY but looks like your institute is taking the use of PLAY a little too seriously”

        I know we take play seriously, but TOO seriously?

        But funny our Founder and President would be a TED TALK presenter at SERIOUS PLAY in Pasadena.

        Apparently there are some people who believe play is serious. Ever hear of IDEO and David Kelly? That company is serious about play and innovation and we partner with them. Google is another company that in the past harnessed the transformational power of play…

      • divinelove

        What IDEO and Google have not done is taken the newly emerging science of play, particularly the neuroscience, and capitalized upon it.

        Knowing how humans create would be of import, me thinks. Bringing this information to public consciousness and using this understanding and knowledge in a marketing campaign would be of interest, I would think. No one company has done it yet. Maybe that is because many companies get stuck in marketing business play book strategies that are “by the book” and staid and obsolete.

        But it will happen….some company will meet the challenge and bring it all to another level. And whoever takes this on will be seen as a cut above the pack not only in design and product but in their ability to influence and lead culture….

        Visionaries and leaders are always needed when one pulls from the herd… In this Apple has been very good. Doesn’t mean they will always be seen as the visionaries and hip designers tho’.

        RIM and PlayBook have the opportunity to approach their marketing in a competely positive, uplifting and refreshing way. This will be exceedingly important when in 2011 gov’t budgets are getting sliced to the bone (CA may have to default?) and the rug is being pulled out from under so many people.

        People need the tools to RE-CREATE themselves. Maybe it’s time to consider that play is not too serious, but nature’s biological mandate to innovate.

      • Caspan

        What exactly are you trying to say? Sorry every post I read all you talk about is playing. Just because the device is called the PlayBook does not mean its for play. Your coming at RIM like they are creating a toy and they better market it right or else it will fail. It might have some pleasure elements to it for gaming to cover the need for that in a device but wow you are hard core pushing yourself! Not a great way to get attention for a company. Just relax and enjoy the conversation instead of being a sales guy 🙂
        Steve Main

      • Daniel T Mackie

        This product doesn’t need marketing. It’s Blackberry, it’s a slate, it will sell to people who want both. Your marketing campaign speech is unnecessary. And remind me again how the apparent lack of interest in the “neuroscience” of play has in any way negatively affected Google. If I recall, they are a fairly successful company…

  • divinelove

    Apple is a good company. I used to play over at the house of Steve Wozniak two doors down the street everyday after school when he was a four year old snotty kid. He would play with his sister Cindy and I.

    RIM will have an uphill battle with Apple and its loyal following. Even if the PlayBook product is better, unless you have novel, cutting edge marketing, it may not do well.

    I suggest you learn about Play.

    Best wishes!


    Kristen Cozad
    National Institute for Play

    • divinelove is a spammer

      You should stop spamming and get a real job. No one cares about a company that has to make feeble spam attempts on other people’s blogs.

      • divinelove

        Bashing is indicative of play deprivation. I am not spamming.

        I am simply pointing out the value of play in innovation, product development and marketing and that it may be a great investment on the part of RIM to look into the science of play.

        BTW, I am not a company. The National Institute for Play is a non-profit that has consulted for Google, Microsoft, Cadbury and 2012 Olympics, Nike and many others on play science. With PlayBook coming out, I thought RIM would want to know more about the neuroscience of play and innovation.

        Sorry if you found my postings offensive.

      • divinelove

        Sorry you dont like my posts.

    • Caspan

      So what does this have to do with the Woz? Any actual real meaning to your post other then to look important because you played with him when you were a kid so lending credibility to your post?

      • divinelove

        sorry you didn;t like my little Woz story.

        There is a correlation between play and innovation.

        The culture of playfulness is open to the unknown world of the possible. Is PlayBook playful? How so, why, and for whom? Why call this device a PlayBook? How does it engender a state of play necessary for innovation to occur?

        Hey, Im a big supporter of what RIM is trying to do… I just think the message on play must be clear, deep and full of insight.

    • Caspan

      So what does this have to do with the Woz? Any actual real meaning to your post other then to look important because you played with him when you were a kid so lending credibility to your post?

  • divinelove

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