How to enable and configure Facebook Places in Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones 1.9


One of the great new additions to Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones 1.9 is the ability to let your friends know where you are using Facebook Places. Want your friends to meet you for sushi? Using this new feature, you can easily check in and tell them where you are!

But before you get started, there are a few simple steps that you’ll need to take to properly allow the application to find your location and check you in to your favorite Places.

By default, the option Share my Location with Facebook is disabled (unchecked) and may also appear as a non-editable/grayed checkbox. This option will remain grayed out until the application is able to determine that you have allowed Facebook to use Places and you have accepted the Places disclaimer.

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  • Shirrelhines

    I have installed the latest version of fb, however I can’t check into any places but have the icon?? When I click onto it all I am able to do is view places my friends have visited. Help!

    • Dannaox

      SAME. It’s peeing me right off.

  • kaykay


  • Samg1994

    When i go on places, the check in button doesnt come up, it only shows my friends locations. Then when i go to options, and go to click on share my location. The box i have to click is un-clickable and is a grey colour.

    • Zoeamyc

      same its sooo annoying!

  • bbhelp_cynthia

    These two articles should provide more information on configuring Places for Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones. and

  • xxxx

    actull shocking btw!!!!! dont see how evreybody else gets there check in and certain people dont :S!
    blackberry seriously needto get there act together and get something done about it! folk pay alot of money for these phones and there like aw well we cant help!!! blackberry get a get a grip and actully do something eh.

  • Laurasxc123

    I have the same problem as the last few guys. Its really doing my head in ……. some1 help????

  • Zoe

    I have the same thing happening Sam its really annoying

  • Anonymous

    Have a look at the following two articles about Facebook Places: and

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dawn,

    Have a look at the following two articles about Facebook Places: and

  • Pollllly-xo

    this is so damn annoying. “your location is temporarily not available”… i don’t care i just wanna check in! help!

  • gossipboypinoi

    Does this work for the Curve 8520? I have tried using this for several instances now but it doesn’t seem to work!

  • kiddo88x

    i went into options and i couldnt see an advanced options?! Any suggestions??

  • James Davies

    cannot use places on my bb curve… my location is temporarily not available. in facebook options i cant change the setting to share my location and there is no check in button anywhere. help?

  • Taveras1292

    tried that and it didnt work! I hate my Blackberry!

  • Rachel Elizabeth Madden

    I have had the same issue as most of you who have posted. I am sick of reading the same pages because they are no help at all. My location is selected to ON (via opt, adv opt, GPS), and the tick box is greyed out in my fb options so I can’t select it. Is there anyone out there who has got a curve 8520 and actually has this app working????

  • Baygr87

    this actually did work for me aswell! 🙂 thank you

  • Esmith225

    It worked thank you!!!

  • Panyauzuri

    That worked!!!! Great advice!

  • Camikool85

    im pretty sure that places just doesn’t work for the blackberry curve. because i just got the 8520 and i put the new facebook on and it doesnt work. and it seems like everyone elses isnt working either..

    • desiree

      try going to
      -advanced options
      -wireless update
      & download the new software from there & once its been completed you’ll be able to use facebook places app. it also has alot of cool features such as your fb contact friends added to you phonebook with their fb picture. 🙂
      i have the 8520 & it worked for me. figured out myself too

  • Alison791

    im not that happy that i have a 8520 blackberry and the places for facebook isnt compatible with this phone i would really like it to be added to all phones…

    • Desiree

      i have it on mines…what I did was:
      -go to options
      -go to advanced options
      -go to wireless update.
      you need to update your blackerry.
      after its completed downloading to the new software, you can be able to now use facebook places app for blackberry 8520. hope it works 🙂

  • Beckydiggle

    try turning youre bluetooth on

  • Diana

    I have a Blackeberry 8330 and i want to know how to add plces to my phone to use on fb?
    can anyone help me out?

  • Jayd388

    i have installed new updates on my bb curve 8250, un installed and re installed facbeook an still no joy. When i click ‘places’ it says its aquring info then says location is not available. I have also gone to ‘options, advanced options but cannot see GPS’ anywhere. This is so frustrating. ARRRRGGGHHHH x

  • mch

    On my storm I had to start gps navigation on the bb maps app before my places would work.

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