Introducing the new BlackBerry Community Manager


If you’re following @BlackBerry on Twitter®, you may have noticed the initials “^MS” after our tweets recently. The Inside BlackBerry team is very excited to have Mitchell S. join the team and help keep the conversations going on @BlackBerry, our Facebook page, myBlackBerry and the countless other social media places where BlackBerry has a presence. Who knows – in time you might also see him author a blog post or two!

Since you’ll be seeing his shining face a lot more often, we thought we should give him a proper introduction – video style:

Just in case you didn’t catch the places to find Mitchell, we’ve added them here:

Leave a comment and say hi to Mitchell!

About Becky Y.

As RIM's social media strategist, Becky spends much of her day following great online conversations about the BlackBerry® brand (and does some work here and there too). You will hear from her occasionally on Inside BlackBerry, but for the most part she will be behind the scenes, supporting our roster of experts in their blogging activities. Becky anticipates that she will have a lot of "Who Knew?!" moments, and hopes that our readers do too.

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  • Tweetmeblue

    Love the introductory video! It’s great 🙂 good idea!

  • BBuser


  • Me

    Looks like a cool guy, I love this nice social connection with blackberry support, it’s the only place so far where I’ve actually felt the support group comprised of real people

  • Humphrey

    how do i deactivate my stolen blackberry bold 9700 which i lost yesterday

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