BlackBerry News Feeds now available in BlackBerry App World Test Center


On Monday, we launched the BlackBerry® News Feeds application in beta, and I’m here to tell you all about it. The application is a news reader that delivers updated articles as they’re posted for sites that use a popular technology called RSS – or Really Simple Syndication. So if you’re tired of going to multiple web sites to check on what’s new, have a favorite blog you follow to get the latest scoop, or a flood of email subscriptions to newsletters that deliver news in your inbox on a daily basis, then the BlackBerry News Feeds app will provide a single point for collecting all your news information.

This app gives you the control over when you check out the latest headlines or find out about the latest gossip. Being a news delivery service, the application focuses on three pillars of functionality: efficient delivery of the news to your device in an easy-to-read format, assistance in discovering new content, and easy allowance for you to share interesting articles with your co-workers, friends, and family.

We’ll do a quick walk-through of the key features to help you get familiar:

Logging in:

Though the screen may look new, what’s required is not. Just supply the same BlackBerry® ID login that you use for BlackBerry App World™ and you’re all set. If you don’t have one already, create one to get you started. (Check out Alex’s previous post about BlackBerry ID for more)

Subscribing to new feeds:

We’ve automatically subscribed you to some feeds to help you get started, but we’re sure you have your own tastes regarding where you like to get your news from, so we’ve provided a content library that you can explore to find new content. The search bar allows you to search through the library by keyword, or you can type in the URL of your favorite site to see if there is RSS content that you can subscribe to. We also recommend feeds that you may be interested in, which are located in the category “Feeds You May Like”.

Importing Viigo feeds:

For those of you who were Viigo users, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have provided a way for you to transfer your Viigo subscriptions over to the BlackBerry News Feeds app so you can stay connected to all your favorite news feeds.


Reading your articles:

Got a couple minutes to spare? Catch up on the latest news since you last checked. You can easily scan headlines or read article summaries and quickly navigate using keyboard shortcuts; “P” and “N” are great for getting you from one article to the next.

Sharing articles:

Read an article that you think your friend might be interested in? Share it easily through a number of options: email, SMS, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™), BBM groups, Social Feeds on BlackBerry® 6.0 OS-enabled devices, or share directly to Facebook® and Twitter® if they’re installed on your device.

Message List integration:

For those of you who love to receive everything in your message list inbox, you have the option to receive new articles from specific feeds directly in your message list inbox. Just go to the Options menu, turn on Message List integration, and then set alerts on the feeds that you want to populate your message inbox.

BlackBerry® smartphone users tend to be heavy consumers of digital information, and BlackBerry News Feeds is a fantastic tool to allow users to stay up-to-date on the things that they care about in their lives. This free application is available for download as a beta on BlackBerry App World™ today. We would love to hear your thoughts on what additional features you’d like to see in the application.

* BlackBerry News Feeds application is available on BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 and above in North America.

About E-ming S.

As a Product Manager for Consumer content applications, E-ming joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2010 and is focused on creating the best consumer experience for products delivering content to BlackBerry smartphones. When not in the office working, he can be found spending time with his family or tearing it up on the golf course.

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  • Khristopher

    Google Reader integration!!

  • Khristopher

    Google Reader integration!!

  • Jeff G.

    Running on a Rogers Torch – can’t use my existing BB ID…when I click it, it just sits…if I click “I need one” I get a EULA screen then can enter a new acct.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jeff G,
      Did you have a previous account registered on BlackBerry ID?

      • Jeff G.

        Yes, I have my Appworld account. That was what I was going to trying to use.
        I’ve tried a couple battery pulls and still no-luck-chuck.

        Just tried again and still the same..

      • BlackBerryHelp_Brian

        Hey Jeff G.

        Try resetting the BlackBerry ID at

        Let us know how you make out.

      • Jeff Gerard

        @BlackBerryHelp *was* helping me with this but seems they’ve gone AWOL with my issue. Resetting my account does no good. As I mentioned above, if I create a new BB ID I get logged on but if I logout, I’m back to square 1, except now with multiple bb id’s.

      • Jeff G.

        Also just tried remove/reinstall and still no go.

  • Jeff G.

    Running on a Rogers Torch – can’t use my existing BB ID…when I click it, it just sits…if I click “I need one” I get a EULA screen then can enter a new acct.

  • Anonymous

    I’m having the same problem as Jeff G. And it won’t let me reset my existing Blackberry ID (which I’d rather not do anyway). I run BerryReader and get my Google feeds and have Blackberry Feeds as a back-up, but neither are quite right. Berryreader is very good and all, but it tends to reload old read feeds that I have to scroll through repeatedly to clear. I would love to give this new app a try if it would let me!

  • Jordan Neo

    Nice app!

    I would like to see the following enhancements:
    – Google Reader integration/sync
    – The ability to save articles for later reference
    – Swipe to navigate between articles (like in Social Feeds where you can scroll up and down and then swipe side to side to navigate between articles)
    – “Mark all read” in addition to “Mark prior read” so you don’t have to navigate to the top of the feed to mark all read
    – Ability to turn off downloading of pictures
    – Integration with the browser to automatically add feeds like currently exists for Social Feeds

    One question – how will the application determine how many unread articles to store and when to purge old articles? I don’t see settings for this.

  • Jordan Neo

    After using for a while, I noticed a bit of an issue.

    Upon restarting my Torch, I had to reenter my bbid when I opened the news feeds app. There were no feeds showing and the app re-sync’d everything. All the articles that I had previously read were all new again.

    It would be nice if I didn’t have to log in again, and that the app would retain what I had and hadn’t read.

    Also, at one point I noticed that all my feeds that i previously had in Social Feeds had sync’d and I confirmed that the Option to periodically sync was turned off. Are the two apps somehow linked?

    Also, whenever I enter my bbid password with the onscreen keyboard, it fails authentication and whenever i enter it with the hard keyboard it works. I don’t think my onscreen typing is that bad…

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Looking forward to the next version of this app….

  • Jocn4see

    how about the bb torch 9800? i dont understand rim, there’s a lot of applications that dont support the bb torch, and its the number device from rim????? annoying!

  • hey_hero

    So, is there a way to sign into this app? I am also using my existing blackberry ID and password but is keeps giving me “Incorrect email and password pair” message. 😦

  • Anonymous

    I will need it to sync with Google Reader (or at least let me migrate to BB News Feeds slowly from Google Reader).
    For now, unfortunately, I don’t even want to bother trying this app out 😦

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