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Hey Inside BlackBerry readers! We’ve got another guest blogger for you today – Charlotte, who’s excited to give you all the details on the new BlackBerry® Traffic app. Here’s what she has to say about this new addition to the BlackBerry® smartphone app family:

There are several factors that can lead to frustration while driving – the main one being unexpected traffic congestion. The BlackBerry Traffic app has been developed to address this very issue. It won’t free up the traffic on the highway, but it can inform users of traffic up ahead. It can also provide information on alternate routes and users can quickly share their ETA with contacts via SMS, email, or PIN message before getting on the road. In this post we’ll show you how you can help provide detailed traffic information just by using BlackBerry Traffic.

Most people tend to take the same route from place to place on their daily commute, and the BlackBerry Traffic app aims to make this an easy ride. Users enter their home and work addresses, and the BlackBerry Traffic app will predict an arrival time based on current or historical traffic conditions. With a single click, the BlackBerry Traffic app automatically selects work as the destination in the morning or home as the destination in the evening. Users can also get an ETA to destinations from BlackBerry smartphone contacts, enter an address manually, or find new places using Bing™ search.

In order to make this app as easy and useful as possible, BlackBerry Traffic shows users their ETA, the time left to reach the destination and the distance left to destination clearly on the main screen of the application. Users can also select other drive views, including a visualization of traffic with incidents along the current route, and a list view highlighting the road names and maneuvers along the route they select. Additionally, users can now find location-based offers and promotions along their commute in a dedicated view.

Users of the BlackBerry Traffic app contribute information regarding current traffic conditions on their route by anonymously sending speed and position information back to the BlackBerry Traffic service. The real-time traffic information is immediately aggregated and combined with historical traffic averages and then distributed out to all users. This is how the BlackBerry Traffic app and service are able to predict an accurate ETA. The free application is available for download on BlackBerry App World™ today.

BlackBerry Traffic is available for GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above in North America.

Thanks for this, Charlotte! Readers – download the app and let us know how it’s helped your daily commute!

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