RIM welcomes TAT!


Today we are pleased to confirm plans for The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) team to join Research In Motion (RIM). We’re excited that the TAT team will be joining RIM and bringing their talent to the BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone platforms.

For those who don’t know, TAT is renowned for their innovative mobile user interface (UI) designs and has a long history of working with mobile and embedded technology. TAT focuses on delivering great user experiences, from a design, technology, and usability perspective. Their design technology is used today in a variety of industries including the consumer electronics and automotive sectors. Examples of TAT’s UI designs and concepts can be viewed on their web site at www.tat.se.

— David Yach, Chief Technology Officer at RIM

About BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a mobile-native software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry Secure software provides the embedded intelligence for the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things can thrive. BlackBerry holds 80+ security certifications and approvals, the most of any mobile vendor. We hold the top position in all six categories of Gartner’s high-security mobility management study. We are ranked among the top 10% of all cybersecurity providers. All G7 governments and 15 of G20 are BlackBerry customers. BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software is the most widely deployed among Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Liquix

    This is very good news. However, we (your consumers), are wondering how long will it take for TAT’s designs to actually impact us with our phones? Look how long it has taken QNX’s acquisition to impact the Playbook, and the Playbook isn’t even out yet. RIM, we are loyal consumers to your products, but the competition is fierce and looking better everyday. We want a better UI experience with our phones and we don’t want it to take years because if it does, we will be gone. OS6 is a good start, but only available on one phone, which is locked to AT&T.

    • Ardensfca

      I agree with Liquix, in particular I am SO tired of my Curve 8330 with Verizon, but there is NOTHING worth signing up a two-year contract for with BB products. I want to stay with BB, but who has the best BB? AT&T. I will not jump ship from Vz to ATT. That leaves me with a breaking-down phone waiting for a best level BB at Vz or changing to some version of Droid.

    • http://twitter.com/toyetoyetoye Toye T. BeGbaaji

      You hit the nail on the head. How dedicated a customer must I be to wait around for their impact to be felt – and shell out another few hundred for it too!

    • Anonymous

      QNX was acquired sometime last April I believe? Remember that RIM wouldn’t, couldn’t just slap a QNX OS onto a device in a day. There is probably quite a bit of verification work involved. Not to mention RIM is know for their security so I’m sure a lot of time went in to making sure this new OS isn’t going to ruin that rep. Having a playbook simulator running QNX tablet OS for the public to use is already in my opinion an extremely fast turn around for only acquiring the company under a year ago. I can only assume a UI wouldn’t take longer than QNX to be implemented but who knows what tasks TAT will be doing at RIM.

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  • http://www.willw.net/ Will Robertson

    I’m curious, has TAT worked on anything for RIM before? Is the PlayBook UI there design?

    • Mabounassif

      It doesn’t really matter, it’s mostly a common language….what really counts at this point is the design not so much the implementation.

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  • http://www.slideaway.ca/ jamEs harris

    With that logo I’m surprised Jamiroquai didn’t sue for copyright infringement:)

    • Anonymous

      Please keep in mind that I had never heard of either of these companies before today, but after looking at both logos I am not sure what you are talking about. They do not even kind of look alike. In fact, the only feature they share is the fact that both have horns, albeit totally different styles of horns.

  • http://twitter.com/rsametband Ricardo Sametband

    Wait, but it’s an agreement for co-working or did you buy TAT?

    • Joynal Rab

      hey Ricardo,

      RIM bought TAT. (Sounds weird lol)

      • fredo

        If they bought them, why isn’t there anything in their SEC filings or last quarterly report?

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  • Evildemons

    I used to love Blackberries and then the format of their phones just got old. The screen size and the UI are both outdated. I would like to see a 4 inch screen with a new UI and touch interface. That would be a main reason to return to a Blackberry phone.

    • Jeremy

      check out the Torch. It’s awesome.

      • Alex

        maybe Torch it is not bad. however, comparing with Iphone 4, it is day and night.

      • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened

        And THAT my friend is the point – its not to mimic the iPhone 4 in any way but be unto itself.

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