Bluetooth Pairing your BlackBerry to your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Manager


When I received my first BlackBerry® smartphone, I thought ‘wireless everything!’ – then I learned that there was a bit of configuring needed to get this all set up! However, it didn’t take a long time to get my device up and running without being tethered.

From the home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, navigate to ‘Manage Connections’ and ensure there is a check beside ‘Bluetooth®’. The next step is making sure your device is ‘Discoverable’. Navigate to ‘Options/Networks and Connections/Bluetooth Connections’. Make sure ‘Discoverable’ is set to ‘Yes’.

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Bo started with Research In Motion® in Technical Support in 2006, and has always loved the feeling of helping others enjoy all the capabilities that BlackBerry® smartphones have to offer. He now continues to support BlackBerry users as the Community Manager for the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. He is also a loving father and an avid boogie boarder!

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  • John

    What Bluetooth dongle would be the best for my BB 9700 to my HP with window 7?

  • Piotr J.

    You know about the feeling when you see something hidden… ?
    Well, I am just wondering what is the OS version behing the black cover…

  • Biwa

    great for XP but…any solution for windows 7 x86 or x64?

  • marian mae atillo

    i have a blackberry curve,but i have a pr0blem on it.i cant 0pen my bluet00th..if i want t0 share a picture t0 my friend i cant make it.c0z my bluet00th is 0ff..even if i 0pen it,it alwayz disabled.h0w can i fix it???

    • bbhelp_cynthia

      Are you still not able to enable Bluetooth after reinserting your battery? If so, try clearing your Bluetooth database as shown here then setting up your pairing again.

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