CES 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On – Multimedia and BlackBerry Bridge (VIDEO)


The events team has been hard at work giving BlackBerry PlayBook demos to CES 2011 attendees at the BlackBerry Booth. I grabbed my main man Jeff to give an overview of some of the PlayBook’s core multimedia features, such as the front and rear-facing cameras and Photos app, and using the HDMI output to display rich content on large screens (great for presentations!). Jeff also gives a sneak peak of BBM via BlackBerry Bridge, which allows you to pair your BlackBerry smartphone with the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cool stuff!

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  • http://twitter.com/Ridwial Richard

    I cannot wait for this to be available in Indonesia! Super excited!

  • Adrian

    Love it

  • Hunter

    Looks exciting. I’m a college student that would like load my e-textbooks into the Playbook and use it as my base of study, Can I use it as an e-reader? Can I download the software that comes with the purchase of a copyrighted textbooks that allows me access to them? (This might be a nice market to go after as Android based e-readers cannot) Can I highlight, underline, attach notes as I study the e-textbook? Can I download e-books from Borders, B&N, etc.? Does it have text-to-voice?

    If the Playbook can do these things, then I want to be one of your spokesmen! Are you looking for one more reasonable intense beta user?

  • http://www.topitexam.org Kyung Lah

    This is a biased review tilted to the big names who pay money. No wonder they left out the leading challenger and game changer- The Adam from Notion ink.
    If you want a full featured Tablet with no contracts etc…look no further.

    Starts at $375 for Wifi only LCD and upto $550 for the unique Pixel Qi version. (Notion Ink Adam is the only Tablet to have this exclusive feature).

  • Tupa22c

    I’m looking forward to seeing the PlayBook, but RIM should get its act together and fix the compatability issue it has when viewing sites like this with its handsets. I’m using a Torch and not even this site is engineered properly for viewing on a Torch

  • John

    I think it’s great i just want to know when it is going to release so i can get my hopes up!

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    This BlackBerry Bridge looks awesome! Thanks for showing guys…. Douglas get a haircut you hippie 🙂

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  • Alex_delchini

    Is Skype going to be available on launch.


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